Making a melee meta build

So someone discovered an interaction between Groundbreaker and the 300v2 anoint that does insane damage using Amara’s action skills. I just tried the same sort of thing using the Rocketeer class mod, Facepuncher, and White Elephant artifact:


I count about 4-5 instances of multi-million damage. This should be interesting.

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my facepuncher moze still uses the mindsweeper/blastmaster coms. maybe will go try the iron bear coms for more bear fist.

Auto Bear’s damage counts towards the Groundbreaker perk, so having him out for 2 minutes at a time really ramps up the damage.

So I’ve switched tack slightly – now I am stacking incendiary DoT between Fire in the Skag Den and the 130% incendiary damage anoint. Performance is pretty good – cleared TTD Wotan in about a 1:30.

EDIT: I think the main tweak I would make to the build is reshuffling the skill points in order to squeeze Short Fuze into it.


LOL, this is known since day1 they were added.


What is new is driver self dot registers as non melee damage so each face puncher shot is boosted by groundbreaker.

Everything what is not melee attack is a base for Groundbreaker skill.
Correct me if I’m wrong but Spiritual Driver is just an addition to this and main damage is from boosted melee in Mayhem (higher melee dmg > higher dmg of White Elephant > high Groundbrekaer dmg > higher melee dmg etc).

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Yeah, if you read the subsequent post, I’ve modified the build to tap into Moze’s damage skills since she can’t self-DoT reliably.

My memory was hazy as to whether I tested this in the past or not so I went back to Sanctuary to be sure. The Facepuncher unfortunately does not proc Short Fuse. Although it can be boosted by gun damage bonuses, the actual delivery is melee thus Short Fuse doesn’t acknowledge it.

What about the grenades from the white elephant?

Btw, I stumbled on this, today

I did test the White Elephant several times, but I didn’t notice the distinctive visual effect of any Short Fuse explosions. I also tested body shots with a Mind Sweeper but alas, sticky bombs do not count as grenades according to PtHP.

Interesting build in that video. I really liked the way he was using the Bloodletter to constantly get amp shots. It doesn’t seem like he was even using Groundbreaker despite it being active. No splash/AOE rolls on his gear and no bonus points for Desperate Measures either. There’s quite a bit of potential for tons more DPS that he’s sitting on.

That is certainly another way to do it, though I think the combination of Auto Bear and FITSD may be stronger than amped shots, especially over longer fights. There may also be some technique to how to time your shots. All of that is on my list of things to test.

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Isn’t GB triggered by melee or slam? If that is the case, isn’t getting activated by each facepuncher shot? You have melee facepuncher > white elephant splash damage > melee facepuncher = GB activation > more white elephant splash damage…

Oh yes, with some fine tuning that build can do much much more. Also, wouldn’t the rerouter work better, as it has more amp damage than the oneshotter? (120% vs 100%).

Re-Router is broken on multi pellet guns and amp damage is added only to one pellet iirc.

Oh, right.
Wait, still? Wasn’t it fixed some time ago, or am I imagining things?

I’m not sure I would call it ‘broken’ – I think they may have intended for shields with only one amp module to apply to only one pellet.

You know what may be fixed though? The Shooting Star shield.

UPDATE: Looks like the low end of weapon card damage on the Soulrender is 9k. Also, the Shooting Star is not fixed.

I got my hands on a couple of Facepunchers to carry out some testing. Although I wasn’t using an actual melee build or loadout, I found that the Stinger shield (one of the new ones that drops from Anathema in the Guardian Takedown) was giving me higher numbers than the Rerouter. But that could be because it was my only source of bonus melee damage at the time. Once I get more appropriate gear to make a build with it, I’ll test the numbers again.

I’m not sure if the Stinger can drop with amp parts. But I would think that it should considering that it is a Pangolin shield. If it does then it would absolutely be the best shield for a melee Moze, assuming that the amp’s shield-draining effect doesn’t negate the bonus melee damage.

Stinger has fixed parts

I figured as much. Is the elemental type fixed? I only have one; it is cryo.

It can come in all elements. I have a shock ass