Making a tanky Shotgun build -explosive focused-

Yeah, all of you know I’ve been into Hellborn for a long time, but I want to revisit my old Bloodlust-Mania meatman. I got rusty as hell with B/M builds xD but I want to be back with it. And I’m get killed a lot xD

Here’s the loadout (Carnage, Flakker, Baby Maker for FFYL, Slagga or Grog for slagging, Storm Front for BB stacking, explosive relic and RR)

Here’s the build, with Leg Reaper.

The backpack has mainly weapons for specific uses (like the Omen for armored enemies, a Norfleet, the DPUH, a Kerblaster, an Ogre…)

I need suggestions about what and how this can be improved :smiley:

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Needs more flakker

Fixed it for you.[quote=“Blutfatal, post:2, topic:1539224, full:true”]
Needs more Ogre
Fixed that for you Blut.

I would never say needs more ogre.
Flakker is the only gun you’ll ever need.

Yes, flak. what you throw to cover your ass as you run from the enemies larger missiles. Now, an Ogre - punch that ■■■■ out the sky.

You mean what you use to wipe out a room while the ogre is trying to rev up.

no, while the enemy is thoughtfully lowering my shields, I’m spinning up

Your shields can get damaged?

well technically no since it’s a rough rider.

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Well then you have already lost the argument by supplying falsified data.
Thanks, have a nice day.

This is war. None of the data is accurate.

All of mine is.

It’s an info war.

Planning and data is all very fine until the first bullet is fired.

Flakker fires over bullet and everything dies.

With a lobbed slag betty you could even skip the Slagga if you wanted… but keep it there just incase.

Since you’ll have enough fire-rate and with the betty’s bullet spray you wouldn’t have much trouble keeping bloodlust stacks high.

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Wouldnt Nervous Blood be of more use than Blood Overdrive since this is a shotgun focused build?(as in putting 3/4 points on NB and the rest on BO instead of 2 and 5 respectively)

Hmm… Well I guess it would depend on how he intends to use RtB

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Personal Preference. Blood overdrive is nice since it cuts grenade fuse time and boosts melee. Reload speed is garbage and shouldn’t be so high in the tree imo.

Also, why not a bonus package or meteor shower aswell?

ps.: Fastball is too common/mainstream.

Wouldnt it be a bit dangerous tho? With the close ranged nature of the build the danger of self harm seems high…

Wait what was I thinking
This is Krieg were talking about here
I say why not :stuck_out_tongue:

chuck the meteor shower on your way down the hill.