Making a Video Production

Im getting ready to start a small video production thats going to be like a side story line from BL2.
Its going to be about a vehicle building engineer that is hired by Hyperion to build a small scouting vehicle that can be adapted with a clap trap unit.
The aria of the story line will be called Tundra Heights.
The story will start off with me complaining that I have to keep a video log of the build. Then move on from there.
BUT : I’m going to need another voice of someone else.
So this is what I’m looking for, for now.
Voice: Adult Male 25+
Job title : Hyperion R&D Representative
Know how to use Audacity to record your voice and save it as a .wav file.
Know how to transfer the .wav file through DropBox
Or we could read a script via G+ hangout and the audio would be recorded, then integrate into the video in post production.
Once I get it started I’ll be making a build log thread here so you all can keep up with it.
So is there anyone who would like to be part of it?
There are a few things I need to think through but it should be ok.

hmm… I thought there would be more of an interest in this.