Making ARMS RACE more interesting by mixing it with the new skill trees

I like the game mode. But definitely not love it.
I also like the new skills and their trees. But definitely not love em.
I also don’t have many skill points to spend in the new trees, for bonuses not as good as the ones on other trees (depends on character).

So here’s a random idea i had. How about mixing all of this into ARMS RACE?

Add a way to obtain secondary skill points exclusive to arms race, like a second EXP bar, or Tree Tokens as random drops like legendaries do, required to extract!
As many points as your tree allows

Then, make the new trees and skills available in ARMS RACE (even for non-owners, as a way to try them out?) so we have a controlled place to go bananas with them.
They’re not even game breaking like a default Iron Bear is anyway. Except the MNTIS cannon i guess.

And outside of ARMS RACE, half of these skill points (or a fixed limit, like 10) are available to use for your builds so you can get the new sweet bonuses without sacrificing your favorite build.

As much as i love the new skills in concept, their effectiveness is meh at best. Again, except the MNTIS. And it pains me to play ARMS RACE without them. Its the perfect ground to mess around with them. Maybe up the enemy health a bit to make up for the addition, as well.

Seems a bit too convoluted, they should simply have more options for arms race instead, such as:

  • Regular Arms Mode

  • Arms mode plus action skills

  • Rogue-lite arms race where a character can level, but is only usable in arms race modes

Other options could include things like additional maps for the mode or simply having a timer vs the murdercane so you were still restricted, but not just by the location of it.


Having a new mode/boss run/whatever to showcase the new skill trees and collect corresponding loot makes a lot of sense. Silly that they did not design that up front, of course, but nothing to be done about it now given the current design that was built around having no skills. However, maybe they will implement something like that later on as another mode for the “game show”.

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exactly, they could have made each thing compliment the other. But paying for new skill trees, and then the new game mode not allowing them, just feels odd.
Im all for a return to basic weapons challenge, but its still a missed chance.

Well, GBX has my handle. So anytime they want to hire me for design ideas they know how to reach me. :grin:

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