Making changes no one asked for?

Remember that melka thing a while back? imo everyone thought Melka was just fine before they ■■■■■■ up Venom

The recent Attikus buff that no oooone, and I do mean no one, asked for

the nerfs on alani that makes no sense? I mean you say you want her to be less versatile, so you nerf her damage output… and her wellspring? What??? Isn’t she just as versatile but just weaker?? yes I do play Alani offensively exclusively so I’m even more agitated, but who said anything about her Wellsrping? she already can’t continuously heal like Miko, Ambra, and Kid Ultra, imo GBX totally overreacted with Attikus and Alani

I haven’t seen Gali in a while after they ruined her

Flair is the dumbest addition to the game yet, stop making DLC bs and make more maps please ;x


I asked for it. Many people asked for buffs to Attikus. He’s in a pretty ■■■■ place in the meta. Pretty close to being one of the worst picks in competitive.

He’s one of the best picks in capture, face-off, and supercharge. He can sometimes do well in meltdown, but he’s pretty easily one of the worst characters in incursion.


Melka changes were in anticipation of a larger change that never came
I dunno what happened there

The Attikus changes are minor and while not needed haven’t put him over the top.
Changes to Pounce were asked for

Alani was over performing in multiple areas.
People who were very good with her still perform very well and while I think she could use some help in her early game
she performs her role

Gali needs some attention (just her Corruption stacks and her pull in my opinion)
She was a one woman wrecking crew and she needed fixing
simple as that

We still have balance issues
but right now I feel we’re closer than ever

Some characters here and there need some love but Boldur and Kelvin are the only two who need serious attention


but they equally nerfed those ares, so it didn’t really do anything :confused:

Attikus bad in Incursion?

lmao my friend Mew5 never had any probelms :confused:

I agree.

Melka feels like a chore, she could get a helix rework or buff atleast.

Attikus improved a lot, he is easy countered by 1-2 stuns (if im right all tanks have a stun)

Alani is good but not a monster as before, 1k heals every 9 hits was insane specially when geared, it was like she could rez not rescue.

Gali: i never understood the corruption as i never saw it as a big income of life steal or dmg, idk why it got nerfed as there is only 1 lvl that make use of it and 2 options that are usefull. The pull needs some attention as it feels like is not worked as intended unless u need to sacrifice early game untill u get blight town ( when seems to work correctly).



which [quote=“dantesolar, post:6, topic:1563242”]
1k heals every 9 hits was insane specially when geared, it was like she could rez not rescue.

except there was wounding… or simply dodging the hits. It’s no where near as bad as Miko or Kid Ultra (who can ■■■■■■■ fly away with his bs ult if he’s low on health.

what, attikus really isn’t that bad in incursion.

I even played with him once on overgrowth and went 7-3 and won, so with a good team or healer he can’t be that bad :confused:

i think it was the fact that you mentioned mew5 who doesn’t have the nicest reputation in the battleborn community.

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He’s only good against teams that are completely terrible (but tbh you pick anyone and do fine in that case).

Against competent teams, you’ll get pushed out of lane faster than you can blink. With or without a pocket healer.

For context, Attikus is my most played character with about 200 matches… far too many of which were incursion.

Congratulations. You played a character once. You also happened to win and get a positive K/D. By that logic, Marquis is god-tier on capture and Reyna is good for Heliophage Advanced solo.

I can do well with Attikus on Incursion, but it seems to only happen when the enemy team is doomed anyway.

I think the door closing was partly about mew5 who has been banned from these forums previously…

For making alt accounts, which is making me suspicious

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HA that sounds like something he would do

but I thought you couldn’t make alts on these forums?

You can’t. The mods can see right through those alt accounts and ban them.

how come, he’s nice to me… relatively

I used to think like that but how many characters can wound and for how long. Please outsied of trixi answear my queation with name, skill/helix/lvl and duration of the wound.


How many characters besides Beatrix can wound for extended periods? Most wounds are 1-1.5 seconds



Melka what does melka needs to do to wound a target and how long it last? Her wound is under a cooldown?

How long takes alani get full stacks without gear and thinking she landed 9 hits.

Love u.

Sorry my english is not so good.