Making games isn't easy: Anthony Burch

An interesting read, and I hope it gets read.


Pretty good read so far. Definitely puts the creation of a game into another perspective.

Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of…let’s say… ‘suggestions’ posed in quite indignant tones ‘that (whatever-has-just-sprung-into-mind) should be easy/quick/desirable’. It’s very hard to not just say ‘you have no idea what you’re talking about’, so I really hope some of the people making those claims read that.


I always try to keep an open mind on this sort of thing. I try to view things from a couple of perspectives, such as a developer, a person new to a game, etc. It helps me understand why game developers do certain things IN their game FOR their game.
If you ever see any more of those indignant posts, you could always redirect them to this post.


Interesting read, I’m still on the fence about the guy personally. I have nothing bad to say about him but I don’t really like him but interesting read. But yeah, this stuff was going to be my life, it’s really why I went to college in the first spot and I found point number two, 100% completely true. And points three and five especially, the critic parts. I know, for a fact, that Bioware learned from their mistakes and panned out Dragon Age Inquisition as a result of critics from Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3. Most companies nowadays use social media or their forums to gage a reaction from their fanbases.

Thanks PH that was a very good read

Excellent read, thanks! Bonus points for Burch, and I learned something new. Also:

[quote]I let that ■■■■ slide.[/quote]Quote of the decade right there.

Yea, that was awesome. Anthony really nailed it. Words to game by, people.

Great article.

I’m now tempted to go read Burchs stuff when he was on Destructiod, it sounds hilarious.

“Anthony Burch… will punch you in the throat if you mention Borderlands having too many internet memes.” That takes the cake! LOL Great read, thanks for the link!

Very good read, and that’s pretty much the opinion I’ve had since I’ve gotten into modding.