Making it easier to test gun damage

Hey all. I have been trying to really min/max my characters these last few weeks and that involves a lot of testing in the firing range. The problem is that this is pretty difficult to do in the current state of the game. For example, a lot of my testing has been with the Kaoson. The gun has such a high fire rate, secondary explosions, and visual clutter that it has been a real pain trying to tell how much difference my adjustments are making.

I don’t know if this is already in the game, but I was thinking. Can’t we just have a sort of log that records each instance of damage? Even if you had to look at 30 different instances after a single second of firing, it would still be easier to make out than the mess around handsome jack. The log could even label where the damage instance came from, what element it is, etc… This damage came from the initial bullet, this damage came from the sticky, this damage came from a mind sweeper grenade, this damage came from a proc from short fuse. You get the idea.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to see this kind of thing included?


If they spread out the damage numbers properly (they nailed it in BL2, it’s weird that it’s so… off in BL3), and got a proper target dummy in place (while BL2’s only had a health bar (where TPS had shields and armor, which was great), I think we’d be good, especially since photo mode makes it way easier to pause and inspect things on the fly.

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That would certainly help, but I personally would like to be able to collect data and leisurely review it, rather than straining my eyes for a tiny number and testing my reaction time trying to pause at the right moment before it disappears. I also think that listing the sources of the damage would really help out since, at end game, there are so many factors that are going into your dps. Having the damage calculations in the game be more transparent would also be great. I would prefer not to have to look for a specific video of a youtuber who spent an hour determining if an anoint bonus is additive or multiplicative. Sorry for being so wordy. I just keep thinking of more and more things to mention. x)

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Have seen folks use the photo mode to look at these numbers although it didn’t seem to work on ps4.

it’s not hard to check damage, we know critical hit mulitiper is x2,however i find some brand would be more , like x2.05… i forget the math, it’s not easily to figure out the effect sometimes.

however critical hit mulitiper is X2 , at least, it’s confirmed. base weapon damage multiplier is just add them together to get final number only, easy calculation.
hard to test thing is Edmg, critical dmg boost, Splash ( no idea how useful( calculation) it’s in term of dmg or radius)

Not sure I’d call this simple…

GB should publish the calculation( offical, not fan made) on the forum, so new players , like me, can follow the guide to calculate damage more easily. i know there was such things here,but word too many, hard to digest , so i didn’t read it. i find them by myself basically.

Yeah, thats a big assumption that gearbox even knows the calculation. They throw stuff out there and if it doesn’t look broken to them, then it goes.

The people here who write these things rigorously check the math over and over until they have something that provides the correct results everyone. That’s how they know what things fit in which columns and how those columns interact with one another. The words are necessary because if you don’t know why the numbers are where they are, you’ll try to apply the formulas, get it wrong. And then blame everyone else.

You can either take the science. Or not. But when you ask for the science, be prepared to have a lot to read.


Seems to be a pretty big assumption that they even check to see if it looks broken or not. I keep having visions of a testing department in an old western type setting with the occasional tumbleweed rolling past.

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