Making mayhem and takedown exclusive gear seraphs

I feel bringing back seraph rarity from BL2 could be really good to distinguish mayhem 4/6 and takedown weapons from other weapons in the game as they’re the rewards for doing the harder challenge so making it obvious that they aren’t a regular legendary could be a really good thing as currently there is such an incredibly wide range in the strength of legendary weapons so bringing back the seraph rarity could be a really good thing in my opinion.
This would’t be adding any new gear or rare things to hunt for like adding pearls would be just help to really make the end game weapons really stand out since they’re supposed to be top tier weapons, and yes I know that they aren’t always the best weapons but it would still be really nice to make them stand out as something more special


This and finally buff non legendaries :joy:

Not saying they should be godlike but there’s a few purple weapons that are fun to use but have such low DPS it’s just not usable :wink:

And the few weapons who cannot get anoinments should either get them or get buffed to put out the same damage

I had this idea the other day and think it could be great. I’d add gear dropped by Hemovorous to the seraph pool as well.