Making money fast with a money grenade

Just want to help others that are running low on money to upgrade their ammo capacity. Maybe it’s been posted but I have one of those money tracking grenades that explode several times and then those also home in on the target and cause even more money to drop.

If you go to the Droughts Highway, there’s a vending machine. Stock up on grenades and wait for a vehicle to come and attack you, which happens every 30 seconds or so and less often after a while. Stay near the vending machine area and throw your grenade, the vehicle tries to shoot you but misses a lot and doesn’t move out of the way if it’s near a fence or wall. It works great at higher levels with the grenade being weak so it takes like 10 of them to blow up the car. After that, I can usually pickup about 3-6 million dollars per vehicle for the price of a couple thousand dollars to buy the grenades.

This helped me max out my capacity quickly and makes the game more enjoyable as I haven’t figured out a build that will regen ammo which I miss a lot from the previous BL games.