Making of the Homeworld Remastered Collection Video Series

The Making of the Homeworld Remastered Collection is a three-part series that takes a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the Homeworld Remastered Collection featuring commentary from the teams at Gearbox Software and those originally involved in the creation of the series, some of whom are now at Blackbird Interactive. The series was edited and produced by Mediajuice Studios. Enjoy!

Episode One

Episode Two

Episode Three


Yaaay! Very excite!

Wonderful. Looking forward to the next episodes!

I think 80% of that was also in the Dev Diary thing. Any chance we can see some like, technical background behind what went in to making the remaster? Something along the lines of that one blog post that was posted way back when the process first got started talking about pulling the code apart to just get it to even run?

Totally fascinating. This though, nice as the visuals and music are, is fairly light and fluffy. No meat. :cry:

When are the other ones coming, I hope it is before the game launch, cuz I won’t spend any second on YouTube after the launch

We’re shooting to have episodes two and three out before launch :slight_smile:

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Episode two has arrived!

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SO beautiful.

Oh man I really loved that shot too.

Thank you GB for doing these videos and this work on the Remaster.

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Episode 3??? Can’t wait guys :smile: For some reason I assumed the last would come right b4 launch day. But hey I’m not trying to rush you guys. I’m sure you are BUSY scrambling to organize your plan of attack on bugs and stuff.

Episode three has arrived :smiley:

You, or Bitvenom, weren’t kidding when you said that they had a small orchestra originally to record the songs! That was amazing to watch. Quite nostalgic to see the computers there running Windows 98 :’)

I want to hear the audio of those recording sessions SO BADLY. Either music or voice acting!