Making some battleborn fanart!

I’m starting this off with my favorite Battleborn, Phoebe!


I’m no artist, but i want to be.
If anyone wants me to draw there fav Battleborn, let me know!

(I have other old drawings of some mashup characters on this site, I’ll post a link to that later if anyone is interested. If you want to check it out now, the thread is called
"RWBY/Battleborn mashup?")


If you’re offering then I would like to see some fan art of Rath.

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Sure! I’ll start right away!


Good art and character choice :wink:


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I think I’ll have it done in a few days.
(I didn’t realize how complicated it is to make rath.)

No rush. With art you need to take your time. If you (the artist) aren’t satisfied with it than what is the point.

Oh and remember that the Jennerit are all missing a finger on each hand. Attention to detail is important.

Maybe we just have an unnecessary extra finger?

I was going to say they have three fingers instead of four rather than say they are missing a finger, but that opens up the debate as to if a thumb is considered a finger.

I find the eyes eerily haunting. It’s like they’re looking at me with arrogant intent.

~shifts left to right in front of screen~

Yep. Creeped out.

Yeah getting Rath’s eyes right will be important to capturing his overall disposition

Reminds me of the eyes from Shiki. Only less soulless.

His eyes are either incredibly focused when he’s fighting or giving off a superiority vibe when relaxed.

True, his eyes do make the character. It’s even harder with my art style.

I’ll just take a moment to say that I really liked the eyes on the Phoebe you drew.

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Thanks! I appreciate it!

That’s pretty dang cool, man. If I may - when you have time, could you do me one of Ernest?

Of course! Check back later and I’ll start working on it after rath.

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Interested to see this rath! I think someone like him will be good practice. Take your time on the eyes!

Finished Rath faster than i thought! Hope you guys like it.