Making sure this is where we can talk about the testing part of the game or not (it isn't, btw)

Just wondering where I need to go to talk about the closed test

there will be a new forum on people whos accounts have been flagged as a particapent in the CTT and thats where beable to talk about it, THAT is the only place and no where else and no one else besides everyone in game or the CTT Sub Forum

Thank you I kinda figured they had one set up for the ones who got it but wasn’t sure if they have set it up just yet or not

It’s on the link I got with the code … in the discription but I think it doesn’t start a private thread until the test starts because when I tried following the like it says it doesn’t exist yet

There is a link in the email.

When you go there it says error loading or somesuch. That is where it will be when its up.

The key I received had a link also to a forum here… which gives me an error.
Unsure if thats normal until the ALPHA/BETA is active.

Normal. It said something on there that if you can’t access it after the 29th to contact them at a specific place.

Yeah again I figured they haven’t quite set it up just yet due to all the keys they had to send out and so such

Patience friends! We will have access to the super secret section soon!



Thank you. This is pretty exciting for me.

Come on Beta posting web site, open up!
What time GMT will I be able to play the beta?

That’s a great question. It stated 1pm EST on Wednesday (Today) 28th. I pre-loaded last night, but it is nearly 3pm and it is still coming up for me and saying “Content is encrypted” and will not load from Steam.

It starts tomorrow - 29th, so seems like it will start in UK at 5:00PM

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Yes, I mis-read it seems. Which is good since I’m terribly busy today! Appreciate the correction.

Whoops, wrong date. My bad.

On the Xbox its saying not available till the 29 although I was certain that it said 28:yesterday…

It’s never been posted that it would open on the 28th.

It’s the 29th. 1pm EST, 5pm GMT