Making That Endgame Money?

Guys, i am chronically short on endgame money, no matter how much gear i sell!

And stuff i want from the vendors now (currently level 57) is anywhere from 1 to 9 million dollars.

What’s the best way to earn that late game money?

Farm Iwa or the Sentinel. Pick up everything they drop, and sell all of it.


The Sentinel.

I fought Iwa non stop last night for 2 hours to get from 56-57.

Sold 95 percent of the loot.

Had only 4.5 million by the time i was done.

Bought 2 things from the Vendor, BOOM, down to 83 thousand.

There’s got to be a better way!

Sorry Flames but that’s basically it,money’s a grind just like real life


Answer: Quit buying things :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But the Sentinel is easy. You just have to learn his mechanics. On the other hand, you suck at fighting Knoxx, who’s also easy to beat. Yeah, just fight Iwa…

Dude youve become pretty snarky / negative towards me with some of your comments toward me lately, what’s up with that?

What do you mean i suck at fighting Knoxx?

I take him down way faster than you do when we co/op!

Because you make the fight harder than it needs to be. I just stand in one spot and shoot him in the face, and he dies with a minimum of fuse. You come in and start running around him unnecessarily, running up way to close to him, get stomped on and healthgated/FFYL’d by him. Meanwhile, in solo I usually kill him without him ever damaging me.

So, yeah, saying you suck was just a “for a lack of better terms” type deal. Apologies.

Ok, well yiull have to show m this perfectly safe method next time we play.

I can almost guarantee it takes at least 3-4 times as long, which is time I’d rather be spending looting.

Also, apology accepted.


It has to do with where I stand, and where I kite him to. And It’s not “perfectly safe” because the Devastators still shoot you, but never punch you. Smooth kills involve Knoxx being stun-locked and Devastators AI being confused. Rough kills involve Knoxx doing his flying stomp once or twice.

To be honset, it’s probably something I can’t show you in multiplayer because his AI might follow you and mess it up.

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Anyway, i prefer messy and fast over slow and deliberate.

Especially when you have a buddy backing you up.

■■■■ you, Knoxx.

It’s not slow. The fight usually lasts about 20-40 seconds once I start shooting him. The medics don’t walk over to heal him, and he just stays stun-locked.

It’ll be easier to explain once we get mics.

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Are you in that spot you showed me between the containers?

Are you using a sniper rifle or a SMG?

Andhow do you keep the medics from healing him?

I know this is a harmless conversation, but I’d appreciate it if the topic was kept to. Theres a section better suited for BL1 gameplay strategy talk.


Yes. You have to kite him there.

I’m using the Double Anarchy, 'cause Lilith.

I can only guess as to why they don’t heal him. One guess is that the orbs don’t reach him, or that there’s too many enemies clustered in one spot, or that since the initial two spawn near the hanger door they don’t wonder close enough. It could be any one of these, or a combination of these.

Sorry Kitty.

Sorry, Kitty.

@acnaero and i have a tendency to go off on tangents!

I’m not sure what you’re doing wrong but my Nisha who’s currently level 59 and just having killed Zarpedon has exactly 22,636,868 (I know because I took a screenshot of a vendor buy a few minutes ago) without farming too much. My Athena has over 67,000,000…


For all that is holy how?

I don’t buy THAT much from vendors, only stuff i know my lady will use.

I do buy as opposed to scrounge for ammo a LOT.

And generally i will ignore dropped loot if its not blue or higher…,

Stop buying ammo, that’s the biggest waste of money in the game, even more so than respawning.

If you pick up weapons they will refill your ammo supply for whatever type it is if you need it, it saves a ton and adds ammo, plus that’s sell-able loot if you don’t toss it back out.