Making the Gear System More Efficient

One of the more annoying aspects of the Attikus DLC is the fact that I get about 5-10 gear pieces outside of loot packs that I don’t get to decide whether to accept/delete like if I opened up a gear pack. I’m wondering if there was a way to fix that.

Idea 1- Have the gear auto-update itself. If I have a subpar Eviscerating Endoskeletal Graft, with +6.5% attack damage/+3.6% attack speed, and I end up getting a max roll in the Operation, have the 6.5%/5.04% replace it in both the gear menu and in each gear loadout that has that piece of gear. maybe make this a toggleable feature. in the end there would be space for both normal gear plus their flawed version and we wouldn’t have to deal with sub-par duplicate clogging up our inventory space.

idea 2- if that’s not feasible, maybe make all gear obtained in the operation/story go to its own version of a loot pack (of course where it’s already been determined so there’s no need to unlock) where we can just choose what to keep and what to chunk. I think the community would appreciate this as it gives us more control- especially for those who don’t max out their bank space


I just sort by whats new, but I do like this idea. I would just like to point out, you can go over the amount of bank space you have, but you just can’t see those items

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The first idea is great. Fully support.

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I know @Jythri has mentioned hopes of some sort of gear-building or something similar, but if that falls through, I feel like this would help the gear system supremely

I like to have every single gear in the game + some flawed, but we dont have enough room. i want a way to “sell all” from loot packs or mark gear to sell them instead of 1 by1

279 is a whole hell of a lot of space.
I have all but about 5-6 legendaries and I save every max roll epic(useful or not) and I haven’t cleared 200. I understand if you don’t want to buy the bank space with Platinum but you can also buy it with credits so that’s not really much of an issue is it?

If you have one of every legendary and one of every non flawed Epic (most of which no one would ever want) you would have 203 pieces. 76 misc seems more than enough.

I just want an easier way to weed through the bulls***


I have many blue, green and white items. I use them sometimes even despite being pure PVE player. If you play PVP, the value of lower grade items even rises.

as do I. it was just an example to illustrate that we have ALOT of room
Do we have enough room for all of it?
No we would need 791 slots for that
Do we need 791 slots?

I would like more space eventually but right now we have ALOT of room.

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It’s subjective)

I’m pushing the 279 limit right now after farming Attikus and whenever I go through and weed out things I don’t want or duplicates I get under 200. duplicates seem to be the main issue to me, though

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And it’s assuming
of course other will need more(791+)
some will need need less(29)
Its an opinion
within a subject about what people want
that should be obvious.

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I agree. This thread is simply about making things easier to go through and would undoubtedly help everyone, regardless of opinion


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