Malak's Bane could actually do with even more buffs

I know it’s just been buffed but evidently, it wasn’t enough.
The issues:
Malak’s Bane: Still doesn’t deal good damage. Still uses way too much ammo, there’s no reason why the semi-auto mode should use more than one bullet per shot. Also, the projectiles are kind of slow.

EDIT: The Lob actually received a second buff, increasing base damage by about 1000% (from 800ish to 8000ish), allowing it to kill most enemies with a single volley, making it a very strong weapon. Thus, I’ve removed my complaints about it.

Agreed. The main problem with this sniper is its damage per ammo. Its also burst locked like the Woodblocker. So taking in to account how much ammo the gun is actually consuming per trigger pull is also important.

Some of the only popular Burst fire weapons in series history are ones that had exceptional damage per ammo cost. Examples being the Sandhawk, the Pitchford before the nurfs to the gun and changes amp shields on extra pellet guns in BL2. The other ones being the extremely accurate and ammo efficient guns. The Scorpio in BL2 is good because extremely low recoil regardless of its stock there was also a Dahl ar in BL1 Dahl ARs had low recoil and with enough RoF you could burn though and enemies easily.

Dahl Snipers in BL2 where largely ignored by the community due to how hard it was to land sequential critical hits and the fact that usually 1 or 2 of your shots and ammo where a complete waste.

I like the gimmick of the weapon but it has the same issues the Stalker dose. The Stalker from Bloody Harvest fired additional projectiles in a vertical or horizontal pattern when terrified. Problem is with max stacks 2 or 3 of those extra pellets are going to completely miss and the gun takes a ton of ammo making it only niche use on larger enemies.

I think that the main problem are Alien barrel snipers in general. They have the exact same problem as in BL2, very low damage and 2 ammo per shot. For a very small ammo pool of 144 you only have 72 shots.

There’s 2 options, reduce the ammo cost of all snipers to 1 ammo per shot and increase the damage, or leave the 2 ammo / 3 ammo per shot but give them a huge damage increase. (tbh sounds really fun to use the antimatter rifle knowing that it deals at least 8k damage per shot at the cost of 3 ammo, high risk high reward)

This buff will affect all alien barrel snipers and their legendary variants.

Not even that, necessarily. Some guns like the Lyuda don’t have particularily good damage per ammo and still manage to be great. The issue is that unsustainable good dps is still better than sustainable bad dps and the Malak’s Bane actually has got unsustainable bad dps. Plus, the bullet speed is low.

Nope. Got one in Semi-Auto. Doesn’t make it any better, tho.

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