Malawan takedown vs Resetting Missions

If you reset your missions after completing the game on true vault hunter mode. You cant access the takedown. Game should realize you have completed it once before and let you access the takedown instead of requiring you finish the campaign for the second time. I am locked out of the takedown until i complete my technically third time through the campaign. Please help randy.


This is what, the 3rd game in a row (BL2/BL-TPS/BL3) in which people have asked for the ability to reset non-story missions in TVHM/UVHM? I would like to understand what it is about how the game is developed that prevents this - I can easily understand why individual story missions can’t be reset, but I’ve never quite understood why the game can’t reset side missions once you’ve gotten access to them in the story (and you can do them at any time thereafter, so the game obviously has a way of determining that they’re available or not).

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I think I agree. I reset tvhm to redo the jackpot and was heartbroken to realise I had to run the f****** campaign to get the takedown again!


You can always jump back into NVHM to do the takedown. Mayhem levels are basically the same between TVHM and NVHM.

That said, yea, there really needs to be a way to reset side missions and crew challenges. There’s currently no way to farm mission uniques without read-only farming, and once the crew challenges are done you have to start a new character to get them again. Can’t believe this behavior has carried over from the previous games, it’s something this community has been screaming for, for a long long time.


I know I could have dropped down to normal mode but it doesn’t feel the same. True M4 takedown versus (yawn) normal takedown! Lol

From my understanding. TVHM M4 is identical to NVHM M4. I don’t believe there are any differences.

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There is one significant difference: ability to say that “I played/beat it on TVHM M4”. You know, bragging rights.

And frequently it’s the most important one, judging by a bunch of posts on this forum.

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Touche. Got me on that one :slight_smile:

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In my experience, to my surprise, tvhm is actually easier because you get such a big damage boost from elemental matching. I could especially tell against big beefy targets, like Wotan’s upper half or Anointed.

I’m not sure if there are other differences between tvhm and nvhm besides the elemental modifiers. I wish Gearbox was a bit more transparent about this kind of stuff.

And, yes, I find it bizarre that they haven’t addressed what’s been a long standing issue of the franchise. In some ways it’s worse because of the extra layer of rng involved in anointments. I mean you’d expect anyone that more seriously played BL2 to have brought it up.

The ‘True Takedown’ refers to fixed scaling as though 4 players at all times, not True Vault Hunter Mode. As noted in other posts, turning Mayhem on pretty much wipes out differences between NVHM and TVHM. You should still be able to select True Takedown mode in NVHM (with or without Mayhem)

I know I know! But in my mind it has to be tvhm M4 unscaled. If im tired start off scaled! Whether or not it’s 1% harder or 15%, it has to be tvhm M4. BRING THE PAIN! (maybe). :joy:

I saw some testing somewhere here in the forums that showed the elemental effects in mayhem mode are the same between NVHM and TVHM. I think some of those tests showed that there are slightly higher anoint drops in TVHM, but that could be speculative.

Edit: Yes, in TVHM without mayhem mode turned on, the elemental effects are increased and decreased vs armor/shield/health respectively.

Wait, you’re saying mayhem disables tvhm’s elemental multipliers? I don’t think that’s correct.

No, mayhem alters NVHM elemental modifiers to match TVHM.

Oh, that makes more sense. Idk why tvhm feels easier to me in that case.

Not finding the thread where the testing was done, but I believe it was @DocStrangelove who figured it out.

I was thinking the same as you until it was pointed out to me. There’s gotta be some kind of difference between normal and true, but it seems only GBX knows for sure.

Various testing by me and others all pointed at there being no difference at all between normal Mayhem and TVHM Mayhem. I believe it’s pretty much consensus by now that it’s the same. (to be specific, there is no “normal Mayhem mode”, Mayhem is always TVHM + modifiers).

I guess it makes some sense in that there’s not a second (easier) Mayhem mode where you can’t repeat missions.


Huh, I could have sworn I was having an easier time in tvhm.

I believe that’s placebo or luck, happens to all of us. I also thought I got different farming drop rates, but when I actually kept track they turned out to be the same on average.

Like I said, it’d be nice if this sort of thing was just clearly laid out.

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