Malfunctions, Irregulars, Glitches and Suggestions about Iron Bear

Hello, Before starts the topic I must to tell you that I’m not good at English. But I will do my best.

—Malfunctions, Irregulars and Glitches etc—

(1) Elemental status effects blocks sight of Iron Bear when right after get in Iron Bear
*I guess that this glitch was fixed when Revenge of the Cartels, the summer event patch and hotfixes.(this change didn’t write on patch note.)


There is a lot of glowing cryo dust and fog in sight. But it was short time.
Someone can say “Is that just visual effect from enemy’s cryo bullet or cryoed Iron Bear?”
There is some glowing cryo dust at cryo splash effect. But not that much. And If Iron Bear got elemental status effect, changed Iron Bear’s body color.


Thankfully there is no sight glitch at Irradiate.


It is very short time to notice sight blocking. But clearly this is different visual effect with enemy’s splash damage and electrocuted Iron Bear.


Now the glitch is completely blocks the sight. And fog is trying to follow wherever sight rotates.


Worst sight blocking. I couldn’t see anything even I tried to rotate the sight.
I tried another thing. It seems that getting in Iron Bear while be affected by elemental status effect causes this sight blocking glitch.
It was short at this video. But If player is affected by several elemental status at same time, Looks like sight blocking glitches also can combine each other.

Let see this glitch in the viewpoint of third person by using photo mode.

You can see there is elemental visual effect in front of Iron Bear’s two camera eye.

(2) The Skills and Bonuses that Only affects on Iron Bear’s Left Arm
Damage Increased: Drowning in Brass, Phalanx Doctrine
Fire Rate Increased: Scorching RPM’s, Mayhem Modifier
Reload Speed Increased: Mayhem Modifier

Scorching RPM’s 5 points with dual basic minigun

(3) Skills, Do not Increase Iron Bear’s Elemental DOT (Damage-Over-Time)
Basically, These skills increase Iron Bear Damage. But don’t increase Elemental DOT at all.
Scorching RPM’s, Stainless Steel Bear, Desperate Measures

I think this is quite important matter. Salamander, the flamethrower arm of Iron Bear.
This weapon arm deals more damage by Elemental DOT than its projectile damage.
All augment arms of Salamander is same way.

And addition to this. ‘Hammerdown Protocol of Vanquisher Rocket Pod’. Probably you already know, this weapon arm fires a big badass nuclear warhead. After fire, this arm needs some time for reloading. And enemies that hit by nuclear warhead almost certainly get radiation status effect (Irradiate). So, Hammerdown Protocol can deal damage with radiation DOT while its reloading. I think this is not small part of Hammerdown Portocol’s DPM

(4) Stainless Steel Bear
When purchase this skill, There is visual glitch with fuel bar. but it is only visual glitch.
Don’t worry, Fuel increase well.

(5) Bear Fist and Bear Fist’s Augments
Not affected by Drowning in Brass, Phalanx Doctrine. Even left arm.
After last hotfix, thankfully Desperate Measures skill affects at Bear Fist.

By the way… this is personal opinion that Bear fist is hardest to use among all arms of Iron Bear. Close combat arm, can’t hit critical hit, doesn’t increased fire rate by Scorching RPM’s and mayhem modifier, and there is only one skill (Desperate Measures) that can increase damage in skill tree (Shield of Retribution) where Bear Fist is.

It’s also hard to use with another weapon arm. I only tried Bear Fist - Close the Distance (Shock) on right arm and Salamander - Fuel Economy (Incendiary) on left arm …before hotfix. Already I told you that Desperate Measure no longer increase elemental DOT with last hotfix… so yup! I can’t use this now.

Easy way to use Bear Fist is using dual-wielding. Plus to maximize this, you need Special Bear skill in Bottomless Mags skill tree.

However close combat arm, It means you need making durability more than ever. Stainless Steel Bear in Demolition Woman skill tree can increase fuel, armor and damage of IB. If use Bear Fist - Wild Swing, Vampyr in same skill tree can heal IB’s armor with elemental splash damage of Wild Swing.

But you can’t choose these both. lack of skill points. hmm… yeah,Or just because I’m too greedy. Also It can be too soon to talk about it. Because there is no extending for max level yet.

I almost forgot. Plus, all of melee attack bonus not applied on Bear Fist. Roid perk of Shield, Increased melee damage from class mod and artifact, all of artifact which improving melee attack (For example, Knife Drain, White Elephant etc ), melee damage bonus at cryoed enemy. And Mayhem Modifier.

Speaking of Mayhem Modifier, Bear Fist is affected by ‘Normal Bullet’ and ‘Skill Damage’ from Mayhem Modifiers.

(6) Stomp, basic melee attack for Iron Bear
Yes, Bear Fist is melee attack arm of Iron Bear. Before that, IB already has way of melee attack. The Stomp! Well… there is no official name. I think just can calling it stomp.
About stomp, How do I put this… None.
Skills, Equipment. Not be affected by almost anything. Even scaling Patch.

Yup, That one. I checked stomp damage 4164 at 11/12/2019. Still same 4164.
Only way to increase damage of stomp is Mayhem Modifiers.
Which mayhem modifiers increase stomp damage? let see some screenshots.

10K DMG, Interesting thing is applied over +50%. I assume it +150%.


4164 DMG (+0%), No affected by skill damage modifier!

6038 DMG (+45%)

8328 DMG ((4164+150%)-20%)

9161 DMG (+120%) in Mayhem 4

I don’t know why 120%. Is it just 150%-30%= ?
Well, That modifier at mayhem 3 was +50% right? and came to Mayhem 4 and changed to +20%. So I just assume 150%-30%. Argh! My head starts hurt. Lets stop thinking of it.

To the last thing about Stomp, Stomp can’t launch barrels.

This ‘melees’ means Bear Fist.

(7) Vanquisher Rocket Pod - Hammerdown Protocol
Not affected by Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine. Even left arm.
Thankfully after patch, Desperate Measures applies to Hammerdown Protocol.
Yes, same description with Bear fist.
Interesting thing happens when use it with Cloud of Lead skill.

Hammerdown Protocol + Cloud of Lead 5 points

Instead of bonus incendiary damage, It fires same radiation nuclear warhead.
Oh, this is possible because Cloud of Lead skill actually calculates two arms as one.
But it is not my intend like “Lets use this double technique!”. It is just theoretical and impractical. I wanted to show irregular skill working.

(8) Crosshair (Reticle) Glitch When Using Combined Weapon Arms.
Each of Iron Bear weapon arms have own accuracy and size of crosshair circle.
So it should show combine crosshair when using combined weapon arms.
But, It has to right arm have more accuracy than left arm.
In opposite situation? Only lower accuracy crosshair appears on the screen.

Right arm: Minigun, Left arm: Salamander

Right arm: Salamander, Left arm: Minigun

I hope this data can help you avoid the crosshair glitch.

[ Accuracy List ]
Minigun, Let Off Some Steam, General Winter ↓

Exploding. Bullets. ↓

Salamander, Fuel Economy, Chemical Warfare ↓

Molten Roar ↓

Railgun, Hell on Rails, Capacitive Armature, Corrosive Sabot Round ↓

Bear Fist, Wild Swing, Close the Distance, Shockhammer ↓

V-35 Grenade Launcher, Shaped Charge, Musical Chair, Lock and Speedload ↓

Vanquisher Rocket Pod, Active Tracking, Hammerdown Protocol ↓

Target Softening ↓

(9) Dakka Bear & Critical Damage Bonus
Gains Increased Damage Bonus from Stainless Steel Bear and Scorching RPM’s skills.
Gains Critical Damage Bonus from Guardian Rank Bonus, Scorching RPM’s skill, Class mod that equipped. And gun that holding before get in the Dakka Bear’s turret.
*Experimental Munitions skill also apply at Dakka Bear.

Stainless Steel Bear 5 points + Scorching RPM’s 5 points + 6.35% Gaurdian rank + Unforgiven (432%)

(10) Can’t Ping while being in Iron Bear
Even can ping while being in vehicles, There is no why that can’t ping while being in Iron Bear. I like the Ping system, It helps solo-playing and team-playing. Usually use it team-playing, for give some intel or thought to other team player in short time.
On solo-playing, it helps tracking specific enemy while heavy fight. Like tracking and killing NOGs from Maliwan troops.

So, I want to say can’t ping while in Iron Bear, and it is quite big problem.

(11) Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine don’t increase damage of Singularity Grenade from V-35 Grenade Launcher - Musical Chair. Even though firing with left arm.

---- Suggestions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
*Hoping to fixing above problems is obvious. And…

(1) Needs Immune from Knockback
Auto Bear is flying by Grogs

Not only Auto Bear, also can feel some knockbacks while getting in Iron Bear. I think IB needs some heavy weight as its Heavy Armor Mech appearance.

(2) Needs Immune visual effect from Varkid Sting
Varkid Sting visual effect while IB

Kind a feels ridiculous when happening this. Wearing heavy armor mech that thicker than maliwan heavy armor suit. This is mech! But Varkid can sting through penetrating the armor?

In this video, after sting there is visual effect of varkid bites.
I understand bite visual effect, because it can warn you that wild creatures are near under your sight. Could same thought for Varkid Sting? hmm… But still kinda feels some ridiculous.

(3) Security Bear
It’s two thing. First, Security Bear shield can’t block elemental status effect from enemy projectiles. For example, Can block incendiary bullet but can’t block ignite. Second, Security Bear shield not activate or re-activate at Auto Bear.

So, how about Security Bear shield can take elemental status effect damage instead of IB and automatically activate at Auto Bear?

(4) Cloud of Lead
This can be quite too personal for suggestion.
Do you remember this skill calculates Iron Bear’s two arm as one?
How about Cloud of Lead calculates Firing of both side arms separately?

Before game released, I watched this skill at skill calculator in Borderlands official site.
I think its some kind of Tracer Bullet, and changed in game contents is cooler (or hotter) than original Tracer Bullet! I was happy to imagine using this skill with dual-minigun Iron Bear.

*This is Tracer Bullet with minigun from Discovery UK youtube channel for reference material.

So, Let see my happy moment come after game released.

Cloud of Lead 5 points with Dual-Minigun

Firing at same time, only one arm fires skill shots. Well, I imagined it skill shots fired from each minigun. I don’t know other players have same thought about this. Honestly, it made me quite depressed and disappointed at the first look.

When it meets Scorching RPM’s skill. It changes its look like.

Cloud of Lead 5 points + Scorching RPM’s 5 points with Dual-Minigun

Because of one arm fire rate bonus, It changes where it fired periodically at both arm.
Although it looks like what I wanted but I can’t be happy yet.
This is just Abnormal*Abnormal = Offsetting Ab and being look like normal.
If one arm bonus has fixed, Cloud of Lead situation will be back to like above video.

So, I highly suggest that make Cloud of Lead skill calculates right and left arms of IB separately.

Yup, I admit this is quite personal suggestion.

Finally, Thank you for watching this long post. That’s everything I know about Iron Bear.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday


I agree about the elemental ‘fog’ when you enter ib when getting hit it is super annoying.
Also the ability to deploy autobear directly by holding the button would be nice

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Dude this is AMAZING info also. Dakka bear kinda useful if unforgiven is equiped???lol do u think I cna see if it gains bonuses for anyone who hops in like say a fl4k with all his kill skills and such gets un with a unforgiven does it do a ton of damage?

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Can’t getting some position for attack or cover is really annoying. I agree with Auto Bear idea, That can be make more fun, Like when using Rocketeer legendary classmod.

Thanks! well, it can be possible…? I can’t sure but that is great idea!!

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Tomorrow I’m going to test if u get a bonus from desperate measures and such while in Dakar bear and drowning in brass. As well as the shield ase skills. If so this could possibly make for a dope rocketeer build or atleast getting in and out of bbn auto bear build

I can try that if I remember. Have a friend who plays Fl4k.

Fl4k doesnt get bonuses like moze does and moze doesbt get bonuses from another moze bear. Made a fun build but it def isnt good

(12) Auto Bear's self-destruct damage and Fire in the Skag Den damage

(12) Auto Bear’s self-destruct damage and Fire in the Skag Den damage
This image is Auto Bear’s self-destruct damage. Basic damage is 7808 (Level 50).
Incendiary damage of 2049 is Fire in the Skag Den skill damage. Remember this number please.

Skills that increasing Iron Bear damage, doesn’t work on Auto Bear’s self-destruct.
Only can increase it by +Splash Damage option from Class Mod and Relic. (Area-Of-Effect Damage in Relic, but it’s same with Splash Damage)

+28% Splash Damage from Class Mod, +33% Area-Of-Effect Damage from Relic
Fire in the Skag Den skill damage is same 2049. It isn’t changed by any source.
Even Stoke the Embers skill can’t increase it.
Stoke the Embers

P.S. it can be related with below (13) Auto Bear ~

It was kind of false alarm.
So I edited it as Hiding details. It was only way to hiding it except deleting.
I will explain about this in reply soon. (or couple of days…)

P.S. I replied about this. Thankfully to myself It wasn’t false alarm. Just much bigger than I thought.

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Agree, damage over time effects can make it confusing to pilot Iron Bear. I like the elemental effects showing but it could be showing a bit much. Maybe tone it down somewhat? Good idea.

Yeah, this is definitely no good. Elemental damage boosts should most definitely be applied to the Iron Bear. This is useful for all builds but especially useful with class mod like ‘Raging Bear’ that gives a bonus to ‘Stoke the Ember’s’. That bonus Incendiary should no doubt apply to the Bear. Agree here big time great idea.

Agree that Fist should be better balanced for damage and receive all likely bonuses (melee, attack speed, damage, skills boosts, etc).

Ideally, it would be nice to see both Bear Fist and Salamander’s usefullness increased by a reasonable amount to make it a competitive alternative to the other weapon hard point choices.

I think Stomp is a fine name for this ability! :star_struck: However, I would like to see the damage increased a tad. I would also like to see Stomp do a mild knock-back since Iron Bear is a large and heavy mech. If nothing else add the effect for flavor.

*Here I will go ahead and address your point about Iron Bears weight and shouldn’t be tossed around as much by enemy attacks. The physics should be improved to represent the fact that Bear is a giant sexy hunk of metal.

It would be great if they do this for every hard point. This is an exceptionally good point though.

*I simply want to say great job writing this up and I have highlighted the points which are most important to me. I hope Iron Bear(and Moze!) get the attention they deserve and hopefully this brings it one step closer to doing so.

Also, btw, your English is fine and in fact better than most Americans I know.

Good job!

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Also would like to add a suggestion of mine own.

I would love to see when you select Auto Bear if you could target a location and briefly hold down the action skill button to deploy IB to that spot.

Bonus cool points if GBX makes an animation where it appears to be rapidly deployed via airdrop!

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Just an fyi if you didn’t know, it isn’t status damage applied to iron bear, it’s only crazy annoying if moze has dots while entering iron bear. It totally blocks the screen and started happening in October or November after an update.


Wow! you tested it! I’m sorry to hear that test result. But thank you for sharing the information.

Thank you! Your word really gives me strength. I got great help from the Google translator and another translator. lol

Actually Stomp can knock-back enemies or make enemies staggered.
I checked it in short. It feels easy to knock-back creatures that trying close-attack to Iron Bear.
And need some cool down time for knock-back them again.
Can make humanoid enemies are staggered or knock-backed. But, it was quite hard to knock-back humanoid enemies. And Maliwan Heavy weight, I tried several times to knock-backing Maliwan heavy weight but staggered just once.

Yup, You’re right. Sight blocking glitch is different with IB effected by status damage.

(13) Auto Bear isn’t affected by most of Iron Bear damage increasing skills.

—Skills that increase IB’s damage but don’t affect on Auto Bear
Stainless Steel Bear, Stoke the Embers, Scorching RPM’s, Desperate Measures, Drowning in Brass, Phalanx Doctrine

*Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine only affect on IB’s left arm

—Skills that increase IB’s damage and affect on Auto Bear
Cloud of Lead, Specialist Bear, Fire in the Skag Den, Experimental Munitions

Well, Technically except Specialist Bear, other three skills are just additional incendiary damage skills.

Maybe this is fail-safe mechanism for power balance. Then, why did Specialist Bear affect on Auto Bear? I can’t know so I add this to list.

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If they just made auto bear damage the same as when you are in it then rocketeer would be useful and the cool down in general would be very useful. They need to let it happen.

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Do you know if any other skills affect auto bear my chance? Like idk drowning in brass or something

I don’t have Rocketeer build moze yet. So I think that I don’t stand on proper position to tell what is fine or problem.

Rocketeer class mod makes IB as a turret. This means Moze and IB (Auto Bear) can fight with enemies at the same time.

Because of that, I think it looks fair that no saving fuel and no returning cool down time for IB when use Rocketeer class mod. But yeah just thought and no data.

Sorry! May I wrote wrong :sweat_smile: I edited last post more clear.

Bottomless Mags_Cloud of Lead, Redistribution, Specialist Bear
Demolition Woman_ Fire in the Skag Den, Means of Destruction, Stainless Steel Bear*, Vampyr*, Explosive Punctuation
Shield of Retribution_Experimental Munitions, Force Feedback

*Stainless Steel Bear: IB’s maximum health (Armor) and fuel.
*Vampyr: heal IB self not moze.

And two skills below are…
Deadline: when use rocketeer? Sry I don’t know. It is hard to find out.
Torgue Cross-Promotion: This skill affects on IB. But I can’t tell clearly it would be same at Auto Bear.

Btw, +Splash Damage from Class Mod and +Area-Of-Effect Damage from Artifact are affect on IB and Auto Bear.

This is all I know.

P.S. I said that +splash damage and +AOE damage from equipment?
It affects on only basic damage of IB splash damage weapon arms. Which mean these equipment options don’t affect on bonus incendiary damage such as Cloud of Lead, Fire in the Skag Den and Experimental Munitions.

Just an interesting tidbit, but FL4K’s pets are also effected by Normal bullet modifiers. I wonder if there something in the coding that recognizes melee attacks from summoned allies as bullet damage. I don’t know what this would mean practically, but it’s something to consider perhaps.

I glad you ask! well… technically you didn’t ask but… … …

Anyway! Let’s talk about ‘Normal bullet damage’ mayhem modifier.

+45% Normal Bullet damage. On Mayhem 3.

I tested with normal damage grenade, 7568 Damage.

and same grenade on Sanctuary 3 with no mayhem modifier, 5219 Damage.

Here is spike of shield with same modifier, 2156 Damage.

and turning off the Mayhem mode, 1487 Damage.

I remember that player’s melee attack is also affected by Normal bullet damage modifier. I wasn’t check it again, but pretty sure about it.

So! Can think “+45% Normal bullet damage” should change to just “+45% Normal damage”.


“~ from Normal bullets and attacks
“~ from Incendiary damage.”
Same things here. Little different expression, but actually same meaning.
Looks like it can be just trying to avoid expression such as ‘Normal damage’.
I don’t know, Can it be look weird in English? hmm can’t know. This is my limit.

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So if Mayhem modifiers apply to non-player damage like the pets, would it apply to barrels as well? Does it just increase any instance of damage inflicted on enemies?

This is so cool, yet so weird…

How do i put this?
I tested additional or bonus incendiary damage skills on Moze, not the Iron Bear.

< Relation of additional or bonus incendiary damage skills with equipment options >

  1. Fire in the Skag Den
  • Affected by
    +Weapon Damage (class mod), +Brand Weapon Damage (class mod), +Incendiary Damage (artifact)

  • Not affected by
    +Gun Type Damage (class mod, artifact), +Grenade Damage (class mod), +Splash Damage (class mod), +Area-Of-Effect Damage (artifact), +Current Weapon’s Elemental Damage (artifact), +Weapon Critical Damage (class mod), +Brand Critical Damage (class mod)

*Fire in the Skag Den doesn’t affected by Critical Hit when just Moze. What a weird skill. However Critical Hit works fine on Fire in the Skag Den skill while wearing the Iron Bear.

  1. Cloud of Lead
  • Affected by
    +Weapon Damage (class mod), +Gun Type Damage (class mod, artifact), +Brand Weapon Damage (class mod), +Incendiary Damage (artifact), +Weapon Critical Damage (class mod), +Brand Critical Damage (class mod)

  • Not affected by
    +Splash Damage (class mod), +Area-Of-Effect Damage (artifact), +Current Weapon’s Elemental Damage (artifact)

  1. Selfless Vengeance
  • Affected by
    +Weapon Damage (class mod), +Gun Type Damage (class mod, artifact), +Brand Weapon Damage (class mod), +Incendiary Damage (artifact), +Weapon Critical Damage (class mod), +Brand Critical Damage (class mod)

  • Not affected by
    +Splash Damage (class mod), +Area-Of-Effect Damage (artifact), +Current Weapon Elemental Damage (artifact)

  1. Experimental Munitions (with Pull the Holy Pin skill)
  • Affected by
    +Weapon Damage (class mod), +Gun Type Damage (class mod, artifact), +Brand Weapon Damage (class mod), +Grenade Damage (class mod), +Incendiary Damage (artifact), +Weapon Critical Damage (class mod), +Brand Critical Damage (class mod)

  • Not affected by
    +Splash Damage (class mod), +Area-Of-Effect Damage (artifact), +Current Weapon Elemental Damage (artifact)

So, Normally +Splash Damage (class mod), +Area-Of-Effect Damage (artifact) and +Current Weapon Elemental Damage (artifact) don’t affect at Bonus incendiary damage skills. This happens not only Moze also Iron Bear.

*I want to say about ‘Iron Bear & Elemental damage option from Artifacts’ after this post.

Interest thing is these four skills are affected by skills that increasing Iron Bear damage when wearing in Iron Bear. That’s why I couldn’t check this easily. I have tested only IB.

P.S. Sry! ‘Relic’ was in 2. In 3, it called ‘Artifact’. My bad.