Maliwan Allegiance Build for Mayhem 4

Can do Trials/Slaughter Shaft and Takedown

Graveward via Hellshock or Krakatoa

Graveward Mayhem 4 With Hellshock below;

Graveward Via Krakatoa

Was created before Maliwan buffs now we have more option for her.

Heres a non rehearsed video

Enjoy guys .

Afaik I havent seen anyone else with this build. Tweak it to your liking playstyle and preference;

Gear for this build is a slight tall order.

Build is Ammo Efficient for the most part

Survivability is good

Play style is enjoyable

Kitchen sink build for bossing / mobbing

Required gear;

Kybs in Rad/Shock/Corro/Fire we need to proc Motd and kybs obviously would be in the build

Projectile Recursion for some serious mob destroying. I’m guessing rad annoint works best.

Recharger shield with adaptive on the card and an elemental annoint. This is for pellet on Recursion. I have Cryo

For Artifact, Last Stand Victory Rush . Mag size would be nice but movespeed is needed for takedown. I also use a Last Stand Splatter Gun.

A nice tracker with elemental annoint. This is also for recursion to get more pellets as I’m using a shock myself.

Class Mod. Blast Master for Means of Destruction/ Redistribution /Vampyr. We definately want Maliwan or Weapon Damage I’m open to others

Will Continue to Experiment and edit as needed


I like the build and I’m not bashing but I would think an allegiance build with a Recursion would be doing true Takedown mode.

Those five points on explosive punctuation would be more useful on SSB, you would gain a lot of damage in return.

Nice build tho, I have almost all the pieces to try it myself!

Nice. A couple of things to try, will boost your performance significantly:

  • Rather than 5 pts in Grizzled and 5 pts in Explosive Punctuation, try putting 3 to 5 pts in Torgue Cross-Promotion. This greatly increases grenade and ammo regen with Means of Destruction.

  • With 2 pts in Redistribution, and 3 in Means of Destruction, you should not need increased mag size when using Kybs with a mag size of 40+. Unless there is a blindness concern.

  • Because this is a splash build, one would be a total fool to have points in Fire in the Skag Den and NOT Stoke the Embers. Do not under estimate the power of adding incendiary damage with splash, Short Fuse, Crits and additional elements of weapons. You are sacrificing a ton of damage by not having Stoke the Embers while dealing splash damage.

  • take 5 pts out of Matched Set and put it in Stoke the Embers, please. Then take the remaining 2 points and put it in Stainless Steel Bear if you’re using Iron Bear to deal damage, or Click-Click, assuming you still want to retain Some for the Road and The Iron Bank.

  • Personally, I run 11 points in the red tree, with 5 in Armored Infantry, 5 in Drowning in Brass, and 1 in Experimental Munitions. Green tree I run 14 pts, 5 in Cloud of Lead, 3 in Stoke the Embers, 1 in Redistribution (2/1 total with class mod), 1 in Scrappy and 4 in Scorching RPMs. Remaining 26 do as you please in the blue tree. I’ve found this set up to be the most powerful for Blast Master and Maliwan. I still don’t reload, plenty of regen from skills. Use an artifact with 44% mags if your Kybs/Cutsmans have low mag size.

Give it a try!

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I’ve been playing around different weapon and anoint combinations:

– A shock/corrosive Kyb’s with consecutive hits anoint is your best friend against bosses in the Takedown. With either a Green Monster or Blast Master, you can focus down the Valks and Wotan pretty quickly.

– A close runner up in terms of damage if you’re not using the GM or BM are shock and corrosive Cutsmans with matching 50% elemental damage anoint.

– 125% incendiary damage is also good on a rapid-fire gun like the Kyb’s, Hellshock, and Krakatoa.

– Perhaps it is just me, but 160% splash and 125% incendiary perform about the same on the Storm. Like the Kill O’ the Wisp, the lightning effect does not benefit from either.

– The Firestorm seems to perform a little better with the 125% incendiary anoint. I have a feeling that the fire rain does not benefit from anointed effects; it also doesn’t appear to proc MoD :confused:

The MVP for mobbing is the Recursion, especially if you can get a really good mob density. Fire element damage anoints on weapons stack with FitSD, Experimental Munitions and CoL, so go with a non-fire element anoint as this will increase the number of extra projectiles that are spawned from each hit.

Some gameplay from the True Takedown:


Does this build need so much investment in BM? I run about the same on my Torgue build, but that’s to keep a 22 mag from running dry. Surely a kybs can roll with 40+?

I’d flick the EP points into SSB, and throw FITSD at Armoured Infantry. Probably chuck the Russian offensive point in there too.

You could spec differently, I’m running 4/3 Click Click, so the empty mag damage bonus can be pretty substantial the closer you get to 100 rounds. I’m running a 34 round mag Kybs (neutral damage) with 9/5 Iron Bank and +44 mag size on the artifact.

Oh ha, I didn’t mean your build, I was referring to OP’s.

Now all I need to do is find a consecutive hits kyb’s.

I can send you 1. Just send me a FR

Bear seems to do Damage just Fine on my end. Maybe my Gr ? Also Cooldown is not gonna be that pretty Everywhere . Keep that in mind. We also have Specialist bear with target softening. Obviously experiment and do what works best for you. Good Luck and thanks for the input.

Edit and Bonus note;
We can also use Hammerdown Protocol on the build Esp for Wotans Double shield phase

Thanks for the info!! I’m still experimenting myself with the new buffs but lacking in good annoints.

Feel Free to experiment and Do whats best for you. I like cooldown to activate annoints and its not gonna be readily available on every map.

Please remember we’re using more than just kybs though I’d consider it a required piece for the build. I feel the build needs magsize on other weapons and we do more than just takedown. I’m going for a kitchen sink build. Again experiment as needed . Of course if i had magsize somewere in my artifact or Class mod Sure!! But we also need move speed from somewhere for the takedown or you’re gonna get hit hard.

I will experiment more and i believe I may have tried some of your suggestions but this not final build seems to behave best with recursion for some reason.

Thanks and have fun!!

Indeed, but SSB is not only increasing IB’s damage, but it is interacting with short fuse increasing Moze’s own damage on foot. That’s why. More damage = faster kill, and that combined with 5/5 grizzled should have little impact on your playstile :slight_smile:

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Was completely Unaware of SSD proc’ing Short Fuse. Thank you for that. I’m still learning in regards to Moze. Only my 3rd. I Think I’m About 16 chars in as well. I’m currently trying to rework build via suggestions. I will try that soon. Right now I’m trying more fire damage and less in mag . Originally didnt want too much in fire since i have fire annointed gear with to begin with and again going for kitchen sink. Handsome Jackpot etc etc. Thanks Again for the input. Just like anything else in life there is almost always more to learn!

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Check the pinned thread Moze Community Resources Guide, it has LOTS of useful info on how to tune your build and playstile.