Maliwan Allegience Relic or Bone of the Ancients?

I am starting to get back into the game after a long while and looking at my gear and bank and trying to remember all this stuff I forgot.

I have the Maliwan Allegience Relic which increases my Damage and Fire Rate and also have the Bone of the Ancients for them as well.

The Maliwan increases the damage by the same percentage that the Bone increases elemental damage.

Does the Maliwan relic increase both the bullet and dot damage of the gun or no?

Trying to figure out which would be superior with Maliwan weapons, pairing with the Allegiance Relic or to the Bone.

Edit: Reading up and evidently the Allegiance Relics are additive bonuses while the Bone of the Ancients is Multiplicative making the Bone still superior to the Allegiance Relic when it comes to Maliwan guns…

If I am wrong, please feel free to correct me.

Yeah sadly BOA’s are kinda op and not much compares to them. Depending on your set up there are times where other relics are better but for the most part its the Bone, not only because elemental bonuses are multi, but cool down is usually a big deal.

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Yeah, wondering why I kept it in my bank then. Sad thing about coming back after so long, you have no clue why you did half the stuff you did.

I actually reset my playthrough before I quit and am at the town with Sir Hammerlock a the start but I managed to already do Captain Scarlett and the Badass Crater. So have the whole story mode to go through again, lol.

Thanks, now to wonder why I kept it in my bank.

I keep some of them because I like to use them in allegiance runs, I like to mix up gear every now and then. Sometimes what you find fun is more important than whats best.

Yeah, I guess. I understood why I had the Tediore one to play around with the Avenger and kill myself not paying attention. But not sure what the Maliwan was for unless I was trying to just pump the fire rate up for laughs.

Thanks though.

If you intend to use elemental weapons anyway, bones are WAAAAYY better

But if you decide to use elemental weapons just so you can benefit from a bones, then it might not be worth it, as a multiplicative bonus is not any better than an additive bonus…if you have nothing else to multiply.

But that’s more of an exception than the norm… by and large, you should pick the bone

Since the Pimpernel was a Maliwan Sniper Rifle, was debating between using the relic or the bone.

If the relic had worked, would have been cool to use that and just change guns between elements and run with it while could switch to Maliwan SMGs when things got up close. Not having to change out the bone when I changed elements, just change the gun and go. Have a small increase in quality of life with out a real drop in damage other than not using the Sandhawk at times.

And I figure not using elemental weapons at endgame would be gimping you at this point given the state of non-elemental weapons.

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You can always do that: the difference isn’t THAT big if you don’t have a lot of additive gun damage, and it might alleviate the trouble of switching between bones depending on areas.

It will be slightly less powerful, but you do get the convenience
…of course, you also lose the cooldown… kind of a big deal with Maya

Non-elemental guns have a bad rap, but they are not that far behind. :slight_smile:

I once did the maths on that (the thread is buried in the old forum now) and it takes a LOT of additive gun damage before a multiplicative bonus takes it. That is, if you discount matching elements.

I did that because some people would use shock ( a neutral element) just so that they can benefit from a bone’s multiplicative bonus … While a non-elemental equivalent with an aggression or allegiance relic would actually outperform it …unless you had something like…185% additive gun damage.

…of course, you’re ALWAYS better using a MATCHING element with a bone though, in that regard.

Was going to run with the +Damage +Fire Rate Maliwan mod along with a Legendary Siren for the +Gun Damage.

Then my weapon loadout would have been a Fire and Corrosive Pimpernal and the Good/Bad Touches for SMGs for now till I get a Hellfire, Florentine or at least a Plasma Caster that doesn’t shoot like it is cross-eyed.

I know I would lose the cool down with it, but was mainly wanting to just toy around with it if it could match the damage of the bone. Figure between the Legendary Siren mod reducing the cooldown and the Quicken talent reducing it, the added reduction of the bonus wouldn’t be TOO huge of a loss.

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That sounds like a good plan to me :slight_smile:

When paired with the Legendary Siren and the usual skills. would the Maliwan mod about compare to the Bone for the damage or would it be outclassed by it you think?

Outclassed for sure, but not by that much.
Whether or not the difference is worth the convenience is up to you
I suggest you go check it out by shooting at the dummy, see what the difference looks like with your setup

Thanks, will probably look into it later.

Corrosive Bone of the Ancients all the way

Casual Maliwan Allegiance Idea

4x Banbury Pimpernel

Blurred Trickster COM
Slag Transfusion
Allegiance Relic (Damage / FR)

I usually play with a BoA but the extra FR from the relic could be fun, especially with Wreck active. What do you guys think?