Maliwan Circle of Slaughter broken

On SlaughterStar3000 (the Maliwan Circle of Slaughter) I have had one glitch after the next. I play on PS4 so I know half of this is my fault, but still I Just thought I’d list them and see if anyone else has been through some of this.

-It’s the only place in the whole game I’ve ever had the game freeze/crash from too much happening. (Explosions, elemental effects, etc) This game seems a little overboard with the visual FX.

-Several times I’ve had the round say it’s finished while there are still a whole wave of enemies on the map. For example last night, Round 5 finished and it even gave me the objective to “turn in” but there were still the 2 giant mechs and a whole wave of enemies alive. I actually died at this moment (from sheer panic) and when i Respawned both mechs were still alive and the Red Mech was even able to one shot kill me standing by the respawn point.
I almost ragequit the game at this point.

-And finally, this may not be a glitch but I also received ZERO loot from killing both giant mechs. There was a tiny bit of loot visible on the platforms mechs stand on, but you can’t jump to these platforms (at least i wasn’t willing to try after blowing 2 mil on BS respawns)

So those are this issues I’ve had, if anyone experienced these or other glitches I’d be curious to know. And I’ll add it to my Gearbox Support ticket addressing these issues.


I must say it never seize to amaze what an old horse like PS4 with its year 2011 hardware can still even run. PS5 can’t come out fast enough.

On topic, I do think it’s a bit lame that these 2 huge mechs you take down drop no loot whatsoever.

As a whole these 2 mechs seem to be very buggy, if you wipe on them and start Round 5 again they may not spawn, or sort of “half” spawn - as in platform appears but they do not and you just win the Round or simply just not appear.

Lots of issues with that particular Slaughter indeed.

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I had several creatures stay when I respawned and it definitely changed my strategy (also a ps4 player) have yet to finish this one as a result

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Yeah first time I beat this I had wave 5 complete, Mr. Torgue reward with me a sick mouth guitar solo, and then 2 HUGE A$$ mechs I didn’t even know existed popped up after it had said I won.

It didn’t feel like I won.

It actually felt like I was about to start losing a whole lot of money.

Luckily the mechs were actually super easy to beat after I got used to them, they have terrible A.I. and each one has a part of the map you can hide in and be fully covered while you shoot them in the kneecap until dead.
Seriously, its a weird boss fight.

Kill the Red Mech first though because he has this weird ability to 1 shot kill you from like literally anywhere in the map. Even by the vending machines.

Pandoras Circle of Slaughter is so so so so so much easier and faster. Now that I’ve completed the Maliwan one I’ll probably never do it again.
It gives me migraines

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The big mech can one shot my 50K shield Moze. My grenades bounce off them also.

Broken as hell. But the slaughter star 3000 is very unslable (keep crashing) hence I don’t bother to redo again.

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Don’t worry. More weapon nerfs are coming!

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This wasn’t funny
Just frustratingly true.

This exact same thing has happened to me in the Maliwan Slaughter twice. I’ve never been able to run it without it totally bugging out (also on PS4 btw)

Looks like they need to nerf the Flakker again to fix it. :smirk:

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I had it bug out during the dual boss fight. I only killed the blue one and was using the grunts to second wind. I killed all the grunts on accident and the red one survived but i still passed. I dont exactly know if they were ment to be that way as OP optional enemies or it was supposed to be required to kill em, but Mr. Torgue said it was alright and gave me my achievement :exploding_head::+1:

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50K shield Moze?

I find myself slightly… aroused.

What are the shield stats my man?
And you gotta be using a class mod that buffs Vladof Ingenuity

Hey! I’m normally a supporter of your posts, you are always legit but PS4 wasn’t released til the end of 13’ so so barely 5 years old. :rofl: Poor things been run to ■■■■.

Can’t wait for next gen either!

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yeah I had this happen too last night. super whack and the mechs have crit points with their own HP which is garbo. you take out those crit spots and it’s 20% health gone at most, i think

I went from round 3-4-5 in the span of a minute and round 5 was done in a flash as soon as one group of enemies spawned. i’m on pc so I think this is a universal problem

the two mechs are terrible, idk how to deal with them aside from hoping I can just overwhelm them with damage. maybe the scourge/unforgiven works, idk

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How i finally got them was by:

  1. starting with the red mech. Theres a part of the map that has the maliwan dropship in the corner. If you get behind this on ground level, Blue mech can’t hit you. (Red mech cant really hit you either but occasionally he one shotted me no matter where i was.)
  2. From that spot i just did what you said and blew off all the critical zones i could, without dying the only spot i could safely shoot was the mechs “kneecaps”. But it actually worked pretty good.
  3. Once red mech is dead, in the same area there are the big columns and barriers you can hide behind and from there blue mech never even hit me. Really I’m not sure it even tried.

The real trick to it was just letting all the basic ass enemies fill me full of bullets while i only shot the mechs, because inevitably you will die a bunch and need them second winds.

Oh and should you win this terribly difficult battle you will be rewarded with…

They don’t drop loot.
Torgue doesn’t even say anything.
No one says anything.
You just leave after that.
Thanks gearbox

yeah the red has a shockwave when he jumps that I don’t know is unavoidable, the blue has a fire laser that chews through shields really absurdly quick

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Thank god there is at least no Nulwolfs during that fight or anything.
Those things suck donkey bawls.

I’ll die and not know why and then see one of those bitches running away from me.

“Oh you want a second wind? Time to start zig-zagging like a motherf*cker”

Actually he specified the date of the “hardware” in the PS4 not the release date of the entire console.

The AMD Radeon Graphics card in the PS4 is a custom version of a 2011 model.
And if I’m not mistaken the CPU is a AMD custom 2011 8-core model as well.


I have reached over 68K shield.
Here is how.

From skill tree:
5 points Thin Red line (2 from class mods), at 5 points, convert all but 1 life to Shield
5 points Valdof Ingenuity, max shield +30%
2 or 3 Points Phalanx Doctrine (1-2 points is from class mods), 12% (3 points) Max shield per kill (30 sec duration)


  • A shield of at least decent value (over 9K), I used Transformer.
  • Artifact Deathless:
    +100% shield capacity (+25% Shield recharge rate, -25% recharge delay, reserve only 1 life)

For it to work, you will want the deathless class mods which convert all life regen % healing include lifesteal, to shield.

To be even more tanky, put 1 point to skill Force Feedback-> Shield start recharging after crit.

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Ahhh I have the right perks but not the gear…

Do you play PlayStation?
I have lots of legendaries or high stat purples I’d trade for either a transformer shield or a deathless artifact.

PSN: dealwithme

I play on PC unforunately.