Maliwan container in Meridian Metroplex with openable doors

Has anyone else noticed the container in Meridian Metroplex that sits just before the area that takes you to Atlas HQ entrance? You can open the doors, go inside, and close them behind you. I don’t think I saw this anywhere else in the game which makes me wonder if this one is special. I tried leaving some items inside, tossing grenades in, shutting myself inside and hanging out for a bit…nothing happened. I’m curious if anyone else has explored this.


It was posted on the forum before. Maybe in this topic

or this one post #155


I have not seen that… This sounds like a good a map as any for tonights sortie.

Oh man, I think I skipped that topic when I first started playing and forgot all about it. Now a dozen playthroughs in, I’ll check that stuff out. Some things I didn’t know in there! :+1: