Maliwan dlc would have been awesome

(I'm not a real doctor) #1

One where you can get Mali weapons easily like in Torgue’s dlc.

Maliwan slag snipers are freaking completely invaluable in UVHM and OP.

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Interesting thought. I’d actually like to know more about Maliwan from a story-lore perspective - we’ve got Torgue, Hyperion, Dahl, and Atlas covered. But more Maliwan (and even Tediore) background would be nice. Torgue is still the only manufacturer with dedicated vending machines though, so clearly there’s room for improvement in BL3!

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #3

In the game files, there is dialog for vending machines unique to each manufacturer… smells like this was planned at some point, then scrapped (Torgue notwithstanding).

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I liked how you had unique Dahl voice lines for the New-U stations in TPS. Otherwise, I would never have known that Dahl licensed the tech from Hyperion! Also, the replacement dialogue that came with the TTAoDK vending machines is fun. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come!

(Rumplebunny) #6

I love the Bandit ones. :smiley:

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Both vending machines and New-U stations should have dialogue that matches the area they’re in. If it’s near, or in, a Bandit camp, then it should have Bandit dialogue. Dahl area = Dahl dialogue, and so on.

I would also like to request that the dialogue coming from Bandit machines should be delivered with the voice of Psychos and Goliaths. :rofl:

(I'm not a real doctor) #8

I think maybe final decision was that bandits actually were too primitive to make stuff like that in the end?

Clues taken from bloodshot bandits :rofl: “Flanksteak? Flanksteeeeak! Marcus is a god! Look at these guns!”

(Community Jackass) #9

That’s exactly the point! They can’t build these things themselves, but they can steal them, and put them in their home territory. And so what if they can’t program voice lines? They will solve that problem simply by inserting a real live Psycho or Goliath in the machine. The vault hunters can then use these machines at their own risk. You may not get the gun you actually wanted to buy, items may behave in all sorts of manners, and New-U stations… come with “side effects”. Accompanied by the voice of the not-quite-clever AI within.


I have to say I don’t think it would be awesome. I find the very idea of being able to get a specific manufacturers legendaries from designated vendors silly.

Having said that I did have a similar thought a day or two ago but for Bandit. A DLC with bandit shantytowns and scrapyards would have been nice and likely to have fun NPC’s. And when it comes to vendors… Perfect Hide of Terramorphous kinda reasonably farmable? Sold.

(I’m Nat and just a Number.) #11

and we can buy the Maliwan God Weapon.

(Xbox Gt: TheRealKingJosh) #12

i always thought that a jakobs type dlc was a good idea, just because you could have like a classic american type dlc with a lot of good one-liners, and just really fun dialogue.

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Too bad they used Jakobs for the Zombie Island DLC in BL1, then. (Although that is still a lot of fun to run through - it does have its moments.)

(Guajiro Pandoreño) #14

Eh… Lynchwood is my Jakobs DLC… It just came bundled with the game.

(I'm not a real doctor) #15

Lynchwood is cool.

But where’s the sick ass Jacobs mission guns in Lynchwood?? All you get is like a crappy Sherifs badge relic.

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Well, the Maggie is at the other end of the line from Lynchwood, so I’m going to count that! And the Sheriff’s Badge definitely has its uses - I wouldn’t be too quick to write it off.

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Ah yeah you do get Maggie from Lynchwood right, from Sheriff?

(Is this thing on?) #18

No, the station at the other end - technically The Dust, but I’m counting them as the same! Yes, I’m cheating here… Lynchwood is an interesting map though: you almost wonder if, at some point, there wasn’t a story mission intended to be there that got canned for some reason, but GBX couldn’t resist leaving the map in the game.

(Carlton Slayer) #19

I always thought that Lynchwood was intended to be a dlc focused on Brick vs the Sheriff- maybe they had that idea for all the BL1 VH but changed their mind?

(Focused for Success in a Distracting World) #20

Hammerlock’s is the Jakobs DLC by the way : Damned Cowboy, Elephant Gun, Rex, Twister, Hydra, Rough Rider.

And Tina’s has quite a lot of Maliwan gear : spell grenades, Crit, Florentine, Antagonist, Grog.