Maliwan dlc would have been awesome

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Good points! I just picked Lynchwood because there are Jakobs billboards all over, and it’s a very western-themed town.


Oh wow, I somehow never noticed it’s Maliwan. I always just wrote it off as a Pangolin in my mind.

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Apart from what’s already been said, you can also get the Law from the Sheriff. There’s also the mission reward. Buffalo Gun, for “Demon hunter”. I wouldn’t go as far as saying that these are the best guns in the game, but Law is pretty sweet when paired with Order, and Buffalo Gun hits like a freight train if you learn how to use it.

It’s more Jakobs than Jakobs itself!

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Yeah, it’s hard to imagine Jakons Cove as very ‘western’ even without all the zombies. More bayou country, perhaps?

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I dont know if the TORGUE-esque vendors would be good but I’d loooooooooooovvvveeeeee to see Maliwan explored from a lore point of view. I mean, I’d love to see any of the companies we haven’t had much lore on delved into in more depth.

Hi, my name is Ly, and I’m a Lore W#%re. We could use more Info on Tediore, Jakobs, Pangolin, Anshin, S&S, and of course Maliwan. The fact that Jack called them “war hippies” in that echo in Opportunity is intriguing to me. Which war? Theres still hippies in 25whateveryearitis? Give me all the background, please and thanks!

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The home of…

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Law is a great gun, I underestimated it. But with a scope on it its really amazing for Zero, one of my favourite weapons for him.