Maliwan enemies merging with the vault hunter (bug)

i never gave i much tough untill now…

i happend to me several times in the takedown (but thought it was just the difficulty)

the problem? maliwan (some CoV can trigger this too) enemies teleporting/jumping you can lock you in place (merge) if it’s a humanoid he will start to melee you and you die (realy fast) the dog like robots will either blind you with their spam or just lock you in place untill they decide to jump away.

this GB, can be a pretty nasty problem if it happens when “the floor is lava” modifier is active

i didn’t know if i should add this to the QoL changes list (seeing there’s the problem with NPC that can lock you inside the room on sanctuary) but this is more of a gamebreaking bug so i opted to create a new topic on this.