Maliwan Grenades

Has anybody else noticed the lack of information on the grenade mods after the October 29th patch? I’m playing on Xbox 360 and a friend also noticed this. There is nothing on the bottom of the item card for maliwan and mirv grenades. Hopefully this will come to the attention of Gearbox.

You had already started a thread about this last week and people replied to you there: Magic Missile Post October 29th Patch. You didn’t need to start another thread on the same subject. Maybe one of the mods can merge those threads together?

To answer your question, yes, other people have noticed the issue and Gearbox is probably aware of it by now. The patch did some minor text adjustments on the cards for a few items and for some reason it made the text on Maliwan and Mirv grenades disappear.

Just one thread please.