MALIWAN gun(s) for non-GITM FA FL4K?

Yesterday I found a class mod that boosts Maliwan guns significantly.
My main is a FA crit FL4K from day one and I’ve got a decent amount of fitting guns.
Would there be any effective way to play with Maliwan guns? Is the burst enough or should I just stick to the usual Jakobs guns?
Please beware that I’m not looking for the most effective, but a viable alternative to the widely known setup.

Thanks in advance!

GM: westergun or cutsman
pistol: hellshock, superball, sellout
shotgun: trevonator or mindkiller
Sniper: storm or firestorm

Would be my suggestions.

If you are going for the base GITM, The Proton Rifle and Shockwave are both really good, every bit as strong as the Jakobs stuff (even stronger at times), but more finicky to use. They will reward you once you get used to the charge time mechanic.