Maliwan guns without charging!

So if you watch this vid you can see that the Maliwan pistol can fire normal shots just like in BL2 or can shoot one large electricy shot.

So do you think they changed it? Or was the charge up always just for shotguns and smg’s?


If you listen and look carefully, you can hear it charge for the most minute fraction of a second. Might not need to charge it to completion, but it seems like it still charges a tad before you can fire it.

@Jordangold527 Yes but why can it shoot in two different modes than.

If you still need to charge every Maliwan weapon than this would mean they atleast have different charging levels?!

Like till now we only have seen:
Maliwan shotguns, snipers and pistols that would charge up and than could fire a few shots.

Yet this one can shoot 1 charged shot consuming 5 bullets or 10 single shots.

Maliwan guns can now have two different elements. You swap between them.

Granted, I’m not going to watch 30 minutes of gameplay to see if he mentions the amount of ammo the gun is using, but how do you know that? His cam is covering his ammo bar. I’d suspect the a higher charge would eat more ammo.

I haven’t seen this type of Maliwan smg in any of the footage I’ve watched from previous events. Everything else I’ve seen had a higher rate of fire, I want to say a little faster projectile speed, and the charge occurred whenever you went from not-firing to firing. So it’s either a new kind of gun or they’re looking at the charge mechanic.

I’m sure I’ll watch all this footage later but did you see any other Maliwan guns in this stream?


I know that I was talking about the fact that the Maliwan pistol can shoot in 2 different ways. You only have to watch from 1:16:15 to 1:18:00 and can see that he can charge up his shots for a energy bullet looking shot or as stated in my first post just regular shots(still with electricity)

Till now we thought that Maliwan weapons have to be charged before even firing a single bullet. This proofs you can shoot normally OR charge them.

I took this from the magazine size the little item card shows when he swapped weapons but I actually see now that I misread the number. My bad.

@plenipotence I didn’t watched the whole stream just a little bit of the Promethia bit so I don’t know.

Actually at 1:23:22 it reads: Charging increases Projectile Damage, Speed and Splash.

Why would that be there if charging was mandatory.

Pinging @Derch what do you think of all this?

I refer you to my initial post:

@Jordangold527 So I want to make sure we’re not talking past each other because I’m not trying to argue with you or anything :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Are you simply stating that the pistol seems to charge even if only for a tiny fraction?

Because then I still think this is new. All weapons till now had to charge fully up before shooting but this pistol shows you could semi-charge or fully charge.

That would still be a tiny change from the you have to charge the gun fully to even shoot.

You would still be right.

That appears to be the case. I will admit that I haven’t paid too much attention to Maliwan since finding out about the charge mechanic. Perhaps this is a unique mechanic for some specific Maliwans or it could be GB attempting to rectify the issues that the charge brought to the manufacturer. In either case it does appear (to me at least) that the charge mechanic is still there even if nerfed significantly. Even if the charge time is lessened to the extent is appears to have been it can still harm potential DPS (even more true if it deals significantly less damage when “uncharged”).

(I suppose I did come off as a tad aggro. Was not my intent and if I did I apologize.)

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@Jordangold527 No need to apologize I could say the same about me coming of as stubborn.

Pretty much everybody who got to play BL3 said that it seems you have to fully charge them before firing as in it’s not optional. If now you can choose between quick-charging and fully charging that would atleast be one more option for the player.

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I hope they made them just semi-automatic in that you can hold the shoot button to charge or just fire manually with lower damage. That seems like a good in-between solution.

Edit: They could also visualize that by showing 2 Fire Rate stats, one for the semi-automatic and the other is the fire rate for charged shots (for example: after a quick charge you could have a Fire Rate of 3 on a pistol, but by holding the shoot button it would do full charge that takes half a second, making it’s effective Fire Rate a 2 or say a 1,8 due to animation delay).