Maliwan Ion Laser (bug?)

Was noticing something strange with the Ion Laser damage and did some testing to try and see what was going on.

It looks as if the secondary weapon element does considerably less damage than the primary one. Shooting the Jack dummy with a Cryo/Rad Laser (non-binary, Guardians disabled, no gear equipped, no skill points, Moze, non-active anoints) the first Cryo shot does exactly 2x the item card listed damage and quickly ramps up to 4x dmg over ~8 seconds. When I toggle to Rad the first shot is 1.25x the item card value and increases 400% over 8 seconds. That ratio of 2x vs 1.25x held true for all the ones I have after factoring in elemental multipliers.

I don’t think other multi-element Maliwan guns have a difference between primary/secondary element damage so thinking this might be a glitch of some sort. Curious if anyone has any insights or has experienced the same.