Maliwan Moze -- Mayhem 2.0 Ready Build

Maliwan Moze Build – Mayhem 2.0 Ready

No Vampyr? No Sapper? No problem!

Maliwan’s tag line is “Combat is an art, Maliwan weapons are the paint,” but it really should be “enemies can’t hurt you if they are already dead.” This build exploits some of the most powerful weapons currently in BL3 along with Moze’s shield-tanking abilities to absolutely mow down mobs and melt bosses. And the best of all? Maliwan Moze accomplishes all of this without the need for Vampyr or the Sapper to stay on your feet.

Skill Tree



A fairly standard red/green build with both capstones. You can move some of the points around within both trees, but you want to make sure to keep Tenacious Defense, Specialist Bear and that single point into Fire in the Skag Den as they make the core weapons and items in the build truly shine. Now that Bear rails and Capacitive Armature have been buffed, I like using IB for crowd control, but if you prefer just doing ‘hop in/hop out’ tactics, you can move the points out of Deadlines and Security Bear elsewhere.


The core components of build build are the Recursion, the Hellshock, the Krakatoa, and the Cutsman:

The Recursion


A shotgun that fires one or two elemental pucks that will seek out additional enemies after they hit their first target – and when a Recursion puck does more one type of elemental damage to a target, it spawns an extra puck. This includes element damage anoints on your weapon, shield, and grenade, as well as Moze’s incendiary damage skills and the bonus corrosive damage from the Green Monster. Stacking 3-4 types of elemental damage can clear out whole rooms of mobs with a single squeeze of the trigger; stacking all 5 will spawn so many bonus pucks that it can easily reduce your framerate to the single digits. The Recursion is a splash damage weapon, so taking a single point of Fire in the Skag Den is a low-cost way to spawn extra pucks.

Look for a x2 version of the Recursion, particularly one that has an “elemental damage for the next 2 mags” anointment that complements the gun’s elemental damage settings.

The Hellshock


When engaging single targets, your best option is the Hellshock. Incredibly high fire rate and a high base damage and you can flip the element of its projectiles between shock and incendiary by reflecting them off a surface. The key anoint to look for with the Hellshock is consecutive hits, but 125% incendiary damage is also good.

The Krakatoa


Rapid fire Maliwan sniper rifle with extremely high base damage. You can basically use it like an assault rifle with this build. Extremely good for bosses with red health bars. The best anoints for the Krakatoa are consecutive hits and 125% incendiary damage; avoid the 160% splash anoint as the volcano that spawns after you kill an enemy will one-shot you.

The Cutsman


Keep these on hand for bossing, though you only really need a corrosive one for Wotan and other armored bosses. Consecutive hits is probably the best anoint, but element damage anoints are also good.

Feel free to mix in other strong Maliwan weapons as you see fit – the Kyb’s Worth, Storm and Firestorm all work with this build.

Class Mod

The Green Monster


We are mainly using the Green Monster’s corrosive damage to spawn additional Recursion pucks, but it is nice to have with the Hellshock and Krakatoa as well. Skill allocation doesn’t really matter with build, but do look for class mods with bonus charge speed, fire rate, shield capacity, and health regen.


The Recharger


The Recharger is the perfect shield for this build. Its break mechanic effectively doubles your base shields and gives you one free proc of Tenacious Defense. The Recharger Berner can also be good with this build, though beware of its lower shield capacity – probably fine for everything except the True Takedown. I like to have a brimming part (restores health when shields are full) on my shield, but capacity and recharge delay are also useful parts. You want one with an elemental damage anoint – preferably a type of damage that you are not already doing with your gun, like radiation, shock or cryo.


The best in slot artifact for this build is probably the Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge, but feel free to use anything other than a Deathless. The Otto Idol is good choice for its health regen, but the Victory Rush is also good. Make sure that whatever artifact you go with has at least bonus magazine size as it is the best magazine size buff in the game. Health regen can also be a useful stat to have with this build.


You do not need to throw grenades frequently with this build, so use whatever grenade you like as long as it has an elemental damage or bonus damage on grenade throw anoint. I like the Storm Front and Quasar as they benefit from the Green Monster’s corrosive damage, but there is almost no wrong choice here.

Here is the build in action against the True Takedown:

Click Here For the Build Template used for this post (Thx @twoPIZZA!)


That template worked nicely, glad it helped.

We’ll get this added to the master list soon.


If your going to run a full Maliwan build 5/5 Matched Set does more than 5/5 Iron bank. Moving that one point from IB to MS gives you 1% more mag size. Just saying.

For real, good build. I have some of this stuff lying around. I haven’t ran a TD build in a while, might do this.

if you’re already investing that heavily in SoR and using CH, pearl is definitely not the bis artifact. you’ve just stacked a bunch of additive gun damage with serious diminishing returns. victory rushes and ice breakers will definitely be preferable damage and utility wise. if you want to run the pearl for damage, 125 n2m would be your top anointment most likely.

on top of this, a utility point in Scrappy is really good here. the mode switch speed increase is significant and you have multiple mode switching weapons in your loadout.

hmmm. shield capacity may make your shields bigger but the effective return for that stat is really low. shield effectiveness is likely to just get worse in m2.0 based on what we’ve been hearing, and health/gate is going to be more and more important. 17% fire rate is really menial as well. you’re already using 5/5 SRPM and a green monster, plus guardian ranks, which means that fire rate boost is really only in the neighborhood of a 6-8% relative output value. charge speed is a hard yes because maliwann, but i think pistol and/or shotgun damage stats would be preferable to everything listed.

Not when you factor in bonus points from the Green Monster class mod though.

Fair enough, but I think you would be surprised by the number of times that health regen saved me from being downed while using the Recharger and Tenacious Defense.

huh? with 4 maliwann weapons in your loadout, every 1 point in MS is 8% mag size. iron bank is 7% per point.

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I like the idea of running health regen on your artifact, com, and shield via brimming + health regen annointment. I’ll be giving that a shot

You really don’t need all three – just brimming and one health regen will suffice.

I run a similar concept with Recursion on my Splash Moze (blue and green tree). It works equally the same as with this build.

  • Stop Gap with cryo
  • Pearl
  • CMT with rad
  • Blast Master
  • 1x Recursion
  • Corrosive Cutsman for Wotan
  • Sickle as backup
  • 4th weapon can be anything I feel experimenting with

I got a 2x Recursion and it lags heavily. The 1x does the job with less lag.