Maliwan multiple elements thoughts

I thought about Maliwan guns having multiple elements in BL3 on the drive in today, and had a couple of thoughts. Obviously just my speculation, what’s yours?
First, multiple elements means to me multiple elemental targets in an area at one time.
So far, with rare exceptions, a fight in BL1/2/TPS has been against a particular elementally resistant type. Take the Wildlife Explotation Preserve as a good example.
As you go through you first have weak-to-fire stalkers. Then weak-to-corrosive loaders (with a few hyperion personal mixed in but not many) in the docks. Then fire vulnerable again for the next two “rooms”. Then corrosive/loaders for a few rooms, then fire vulnerable again, and so on.
With multiple elements per gun this could mean, and I expect it to, that the level designers don’t have to work within the single element per mob type limitation. Our rooms will be full of enemies that are resistant/vulnerable to different elements, and you may have to select between shots.
What this means in practical terms is new load-outs. Instead of pausing to swap weapon suites from, say, corrosive to fire between rooms, we’ll be picking the particular Maliwan weapon that has both elemental types incorporated in the gun. Will be interesting, obviously this should mean that we are managing fewer guns, but more options per gun.
Switching elements. I don’t think (and could be seriously wrong) this means that all Maliwan weapons will fire multiple elements per shot (ala the Florentine), but rather that you choose which element is active at any particular point.
Controlling this will be interesting. I personally would (if I were designing it) do the pie menu type control, where you, say, hold a number button and use the D-pad to select the element for the next shot. This is not a bad mechanic for this type of thing, but it is one more thing to keep track of in combat. Other thoughts on how this would be controlled?
One more interesting thought I had was; What if the two (or three) elements have different stats? You pick up a Maliwan SMG and you see it provides 50 damage per second corrosive, but flipping elements it only provides 25 DPS for fire. I can see gun designers tweaking this in interesting ways, making your weapon choice more complex. Of course a Legendary would have equal stats across all elements.

And so on. Want to speculate on multiple elements on a single gun?

In my opinion that was be a problem in BL2 already. Less so in normal mode with its lower “wrong element” penalties (e.g. corrosive is decent against flesh targets too and no problem against weaker shields) and fewer shielded enemies, but in TVHM and UVHM I often find it difficult juggling with elements with those meagre 4 weapon slots. Even more so since I have one of them reserved for a rocket launcher for FFYL, so I’ve got only 3 slots for the rest.

I also don’t like pausing the game for switching stuff all the time, I really like uninterrupted gameplay flow (something that annoys me in some other games too, especially RPGs).

In BL2 I always longed for having 5 or 6 slots, that would’ve made my life much easier. I’d love a gun that has both shock and corrosive to take out shielded robots without switching weapons, for example. This new system that gives elemental specialists Maliwan a unique bonus that really sets them apart from other manufacturers sounds great to me.

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I’m just afraid they’ll convert the D-pad to operate the new Dahl, maliwan, Atlas and torgue gimmicks.
Hitting the swap weapon button until I cycle to what I want was a slow enough process to get me killed before, nowadays I don’t think I even use the “Y” button when I play borderlands except to throw some garbage guns off a cliff, if I don’t care to sell them.
In fact, just make “Y” or the “Y”-equivalent button the one that switches gun effects, does anyone really use it?

Maliwan Hellfire that also fires Slag rounds inbetween? Yes pls.

If the damage is dealth simultaneously we’re in for some wicked fights.

Fire/Corrosive, bandits melting as they burn to a crisp
Explosive/Electrical, nomads exploding into lightning

Bring it on.

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I’ve been hoping for a solution to this problem that I’ll call suite swapping.
You designate in your inventory 4 (or whatever) weapons, a shield, and whatever else (artifact, relic, whatever they do in BL3) into suites. So suite 1 had all fire effective gear, suite 2 has all corrosive, or whatever, so you can add slag or cryo as you wish.
Then during play you can, without going into your inventory, bring up a pie menu (hold left bumper) and pick suite 1/2/3, whatever, and all the equipment designated for that suite is auto-swapped in.
That would be bitchin’

One possible option if we’re talking about controller mapping on a console.

Destiny 2 has weapons that can change element already and if I remember right switching it was either holding the reload button or reloading with a full clip.

PC just add it to another hotkey I can map to one of the 14 programmable buttons on my mouse.

the only thing im scared of is if that means no more double elements at the same time like some uniques(may have been a unique and a seraph) had on Bl2