Maliwan reward from support

Just an update for those that don’t know or haven’t been in touch with support, this is my most recent message from 2k support regarding the legendary Maliwan reward:

Hey there,

Thank You for writing us back! I really appreciate your patience and quick response.

I would like to correct myself that you will receive your Legendary Maliwan Gun when you reach at level 12 .

In addition to that I would like to inform you that you will receive it through your in game inbox .

I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you have faced.

If there is any other concern, feel free to write us back!

Thank You.

I will be hitting 12 this afternoon after work (day 14 in a row, woo!) and update this when I do. I’m still hesitant to believe this will work, as the reward isn’t showing in my VIP rewards or my SHiFT rewards, so clench up and we’ll see.

lmao buddy, im level 24 and dont have it yet, its been over 24hours too


I’m wondering the same thing, I’m level 50 and I still haven’t received the gun


Uhm, nope.

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level 20, no maliwan reward.

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I’m level 18 and I unlocked it at level 10, but still haven’t received it.

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Received, thank you. I’ll keep it for my a new game with Zane in co-op, as soon as I 100% the solo game with Fl4k.

So did you get it???