Maliwan snipers missing glowing textures

As pictured, Maliwan sniper rifles are missing their glowing elemental bits after the UHD update. It appears all elements are affected. All other Maliwan weapon types appear unnaffected.

I did notice that accessory elemental items like the three shock canisters on the side of the rifle barrel for shock elemental snipers DID have their glowing texture and DID flicker when reloading. I may be wrong about this, but it also seems like the glowing effects on the other weapon types are less vibrant than pre-patch. I believe they had a sprite/particle glow effect in addition to the texture?



I also noticed this as did my co-op partner. Neither of our Pimps showed their colours.

I can confirm this happens in Pre-Sequel too.

Can anyone comment on the intensity of the effects that still work?

Same issue here. Though I also noticed that it effects other elemental snipers, for instance I got a random Hyperion E-tech sniper in corrosive with no glow.

I can confirm that. Checked a Hyperion corrosive E-tech sniper with a Maliwan scope and nothing glows except the stabilizers. The barrel should glow in addition to the scope stripe, right?

Same goes for just a purple Hyperion sniper with Maliwan barrel/scope. No glows. I suppose this bug includes all Maliwan sniper parts and the E-tech barrel. They’re the only ones that glow, right?

Actually, I’m stupid. All elemental snipers glow, correct? Here’s a corrosive Vladof Droog variant. According to this picture, both the body and barrel (and the Maliwan scope, of course), should have the corrosive glow, but it doesn’t. So I guess this just means that all snipers with glowing parts no longer glow, regardless of the parts makeup.

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I’ve edited my previous post, I believe this is just a sniper-wide bug affecting any part that would have any glowing materials.

Ok, the problem comes from the “p_NormalScopesEmissive” parameter of the skin.
I’ve tried replacing “Remaster_Weap_SniperRifles.Tex.Weap_SniperRifle_Nrm” with the original “Weap_SniperRifles.Tex.Weap_SniperRifle_Nrm” and the glowing appeared.

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Ah, very cool. How did you go about doing that? Is it a permanent fix?

Unfortunately no, it’s a command and it works like the Community Patch.
Only Gearbox would be able to permanently fix this.

What was the command? How did you know the texture names? Find them in BLCMM object explorer?

That’s pushing forum rules. FYI.

I’ve read the forum rules. According to them it’s acceptable to discuss in-game modifications so long as they do not violate TOS or discuss item duplication etc. This isn’t data mining, is it? I’ve always construed data mining with trying to find assets and posting them before they are officially released. This is a bug I’d like to fix or have fixed.

I’ll let a mod answer that. But talking about modifying files in specific isn’t kosher - bug or not. Better to just PM.

I don’t see where in the rules it mentions modifying specific files. I’ll continue in a PM I guess. Surely this can’t be seen as malicious.

Talking about mods - even those that don’t affect gameplay - is problematic because they don’t legitimately transfer to the console version of the game. Things can get derailed and awkward, so it is probably better to continue in PMs.

I would suggest at this point that a bug report for the missing textures, along with the observation that it affects all sniper rifles in BL2 since the patch, be filed with gearbox through their official support page. Hopefully that way a permanent fix can be issued.


OK, thank you for clarifying. I’ll submit a bug report.

Not sure if this is related, but I’ve also noticed certain other textures being bugged, namely the Florentine:

And Maliwan Gemstone weapons:


This has been happening to me. Is there a fix available ?

My support ticket was written up as a bug report, but that’s all the communication from 2K I received. I’m sure it has not yet been patched.