Maliwan Take-down local co-op bug!

What the hell Gearbox?!

So local co-op Maliwan Take-down. I am player one (Zane), & she is player two (Amara). We finally fight our way through all day to Wotan. We are making progress & I died. She beat Wotan & nothing is happening. There is no credit for the kill. There is no way for her to exit. I am still in dead mode watching the activity on the top horizontal split screen.

So what are we supposed to do? If I quit & reload we will start back at the bridge & we won’t have credit for the Wotan kill. Seriously, did you guys even beta test this damned game. This is ridiculous! We are so pissed.

Anyone else playing local co-op having the same problem?

Local Co op is so buggy and seems to be treated like an after thought. It was the main reason this series was popular in our house. We avoided Destiny was the lack of it if they keep on slacking on local coop they are going to lose a lot of their console player base. They already lost a ton of their PC base due to Epic. Seriously the markup they spent on having celebrity VO should have been spent on more testing and development.

I haven’t had that issue but I have had enemies on wave based sections of missions get stuck inside a wall causing the quest to grind to a halt if none of us had a weapon with a taser attachment on it.

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We are about ready to go back to BL1, BL2, & TPS. The local co-op is just so screwed up in BL3. Everything about is broken, buggy, or poorly implemented. I doubt we will ever see vertical splitscreen despite the clamoring for the fix. In the end, we won’t be buying a future BL4 & have come to regret our day one purchase of BL3. It is that cost outlay that has us continuing to push through despite the issues.

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Yup, already did & Tweeted it out. :+1:

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