Maliwan takedown changes

So how is every one feeling after the changes gearbox implemented towards allowing solo or four player solo scaling given the heated discussion before when they had the limited time scaling event do the changes sit right with you or do you feel the same way either is ok open discussion hopefully lol


I love the change since I have no german friends to play the game constantly with four people.

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more options are almost always better. (illusion of options is trash tho, looking at you annointment usage shift data)


Yeah there was a poll that was locked out because it became a monkey fest to put it nicely and all it was was just different believes and humans not always being able to understand some thing from some one else’s point of view I was a bit of an arse lol like a lot of others you know what it can be like when you react out of frustration so I was wondering now that borderlands 3s landscape has changed in that respect how people feel including hopefully those I had disagreements with but I am glad we got both we wanted both but if could only have one would have chosen to revert to four player scaling despite how I came across I am ok with not doing the raid but these guys have fun and it hurts no one for thier fun sure I can’t join in in the thing we should both be able to do but I’m fine with that but that was just me thus the heated disputes lol

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Its brilliant, no matter what your skill type/challenge or gear you have you can adjust to it, its all about balance :+1: INCLUSION NOT EXCLUSION for players


I do get that idea and I do admire and kind of support it but just remember it got us three levels lol some times you have to screw over one side sadly but yeah I do mainly fall on that side kinda like I said lol

Kind of ? Is there something you wanna get off your chest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: everyone benefits from it, you have the elites that still have the 4 player scaling and newcomers or people that struggled with it now find it more accesible, sounds like a win win to me all day long


Nah it’s just some times instead of compromise you have to go the hard path again all I gave was examples of both good and well they gave it a chance lol I have ten characters at level 53 btw so I sucked it up and went oh well let’s see what happens lol you know how humans hate change lol


Yes I’m one of them that hate change, I have ran my Amara and Zane through the TD on all MH levels, I’m in the process of gearing up my Fl4k for it, but will grind it out slowly maybe start of on MH 1/2 think we need a new one now though (raid or raid boss) kudos on the 10 characters I rock 5 thats enough for me :+1:

Can I please ask why nothing wrong with hating it humans gonna human lol but there was a pre change hate and reasons why was wondering what your reason is post change

I only play solo and I struggled with it at the start and gave up on it outta frustration, least now with the difficulty scaled you can gain the experience to go through it, I kept falling off the platforms at the valykries :man_facepalming: so I never even got to Wotan before the post change :joy:

So wait ok that confused me lol you are unhappy with the change to allow scaling?

Oh you mean you hate change but are ok with the scaling change?

Yeah that sounds a bit hypocritical from me alright, in this scenario I guess change won :grin:

Nah it’s human nature mate lol we all hate change but that is why I posted this topic I want to know how after the change and Grace period we all settle on things :slight_smile:

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You trickster :stuck_out_tongue: yeah you’re spot on about human nature (were open books) I’m sure this post will get traction I’ll be observing, just heading out now was good to chat to you, you have yourself a good day now :wink:

Every option is good… I only miss the Takedown matchmaking option

You too man have a good one :slight_smile:

That disappeared? or is it bugged?

I don’t know and it seems no one know