Maliwan Takedown Checkpoint getting deleted

2 times today I’ve had a checkpoint in Maliwan Takedown 1 after Valkyrie squad and the other I was fighting Wotan and died before killing him only to be sent back to the very beginning of the map where u spawn in with the door locked as well as both levers glowing red and being locked what the hell im on console to so load times already suck

i think it happened to me one time, i kill wotan and seen the takedown complete text and went to ffyl and died. respawn at the beginning of the map, possibly i did not trigger the checkpoint in wotan’s arena and game thinks that i completed the raid hence doors will not open.

imo, takedown should be repeatable even without saving and quitting same with proving grounds. just like what they did to the slaughterhouses

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This happened to me when someone joined my game. After I died to Wotan, I ended up back at the very start, instead of after the Valks. The door was locked so I couldn’t even run back to the Valk save point. I assume what happened to me is a “feature” to prevent noobs from jumping in for the last fight. Or it registered new person as entering at the start, thus triggering that Save Point.

I don’t know if it’s related to your issue, but that’s the only other case I can think of. I didn’t even get any dedicated drops on my last run, so I’m waiting for the next patch. Not worth it for me anymore.