Maliwan Takedown difficulty: a forced choice poll

Let’s say Gearbox for whatever reason, cannot make an option (a difficulty slider) to allow us to choose the best of both worlds to allow us to choose BOTH have the Takedown scaled to the number of people in a party AND scaled to 4 people (so you could solo it on 4 person difficulty).

Which would you prefer:

  • Keep it how it is for the special event: scale to number of people playing.
  • Keep it how it used to be: it is always scaled to 4 people, even if you want to solo it.

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Cool interested in seeing how this one turns out.

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I’d honestly be surprised if more people wanted the scaling and not to revert it to pre farming frenzy event.

Personally I’m fine either way but would prefer the scaling for options, but I’m sure after the event Gearbox will revert it back to what it was and that’s fine too.

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I honestly do not think their multiplayer program code will ever be able to support option B. As such, I believe Option A is the best they can do to keep most people happy.

Not everyone will like it, and I am sad Gearbox cannot do better on the technical side of things, but if this all we have to work with…

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There is no reason for this its obvious which sides gonna win

It’s not a foregone conclusion until we have the info, IMO.

Given the intensity of the other poll thread on this, it is meant to eliminate the most favorable choice to see, not just which side “wins”, but by how much. Is it 45% / 55%, or is it 90% / 10%?

Plus, this thread invites discussion about the reasons why people voted without the most obvious option of “please everyone (apart from a few people who want fewer choices)”.

Anyway, that was my intent. shrug


ok then I want a good, clean fight no name calling or hitting below the belt, we respect each other and have a civil discussion. I think it should be scaled until alot of the issues with the game like matchmaking get resolved.



Same I got to play with little kids who would get booted for not being meta previously. By all means I am not meta, but I will play with these kids because I can help carry them this time. Hearing them having an awesome time on the mic is a blast, even though I have to watch my language.

No problem running M0-1 for the little homies.


Once we get a look at Mayhem 2.0 I may sing a different tune but given the system we have in place now, if I’m forced to choose I have to choose 4 player scaling.

Tell me if this is reasonable, I could be WAY off but, my assumption is that the Takedown on mayhem 1 scaled to four players is about the equivalent of scaled to one player on mayhem 4.

Feels like (let’s just call it an average of) 9 times the health, shield and armor is more than would be in 4 player scaling.

Yeah I love when I’m playing and I’m doing either way more damage and carrying everyone, or people are all doing equally, or people are just going insane and blowing past me.

As long as everyone is having fun and we are wrecking ■■■■ it’s awesome …

… until you kill Wotan and it drops 3 ASMD’s a krakatoa and a kill o the wisp :frowning:

I just want people to be able to have fun in the raid and maybe learn it easier with scaling then move up the difficulties until they master it. But I know Gearbox is having issues and this is a limited time event and all that.

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I feel like character balance plays into alot of the fun in takedown. From my experience it feels like takedown was designed with strong VHs like Zane and Amara in mind when ever I play it with Zane or Amara literally enemies crumple like paper before them while characters like Moze and fl4k struggle to do the same and always end up going down I can imagine not being able to output the same amount of damage can leave one feeling like a detriment to the team. It can be a real kick in the ego when your kicked for not being meta as well. If any of that makes sense.



I’d say about 50% of the time there’s a player that is a tad under geared or inexperienced or just isn’t up to the raid yet and I make sure to always revive them and drop them anything I think will help.

Before the seeing dead mod came into play my Zane wouldn’t even be able to solo Takedown on M1 let alone M4, and my Amara can barely do it M4 and has to heavily rely on the recursion. So I totally see balance issues and character disparity in the raid and elsewhere in the game and I always try to help out players if I see they’re having trouble, because just a couple months ago my VH’s weren’t doing all that great.

I’ve never kicked anyone or got mad because someone wasn’t pulling their weight, and I hope others help the lesser vault hunters out to overcome the raid and figure out the underlying systems and strats that lead to success.


Should be scaled to number of players until game is better balanced


And until matchmaking works correctly.

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Man the matchmaking.

So what I typically do is load into the raid, grab my ammo, loot the lockers and boxes and fridge and maliwan ammo, then hit matchmaking. It takes a few seconds and then it usually finds four people …

… except it doesn’t. My game then does the teleporting transition and it makes me host (every time if I’m already in the raid, outside of the raid if I matchmake I’m usually not the host) and usually 1 or if I’m lucky two people will join.

It never matches me with a full team.

It is hard to decide. Both have their own charm (?). Of course there is capitalism and catering, but remember that someone created this, someone had artistic and design visions. By my own experience creating maps and other mods and recent klikphilip’s video I can say that you can’t satisfy everyone (as the poll confirms) and you have to stick to some decision.

Lack of monetary incetivization might be a factor forming my opinion, but I would say screw it, let’a have ONE (1) raid with indented vision, stupid scaling and something for people who want to prove whatever to themselves (myself included in this category).

But this is just about scaling. Drop rates are another decision that is for another time and place to be assessed.


It’s supposed to be crazy difficult. Supposed to be for 4. My heart was pounding so hard when I managed to solo it before the scaling.

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100% the way it was before the event. on mayhem 4 was getting around 12-15 drops each run and more anointed. the event has killed that and was only getting sometimes 2-7 each time on M4. would rather have a scale to set number of players. trying to get a group in matchmaking that actually works and people don’t drop out is way to hard, seen people die in the first bit before valk. and leave. add to that waiting in a queue for over 7 mins makes it far to slow.

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