Maliwan Takedown Drop Rate is fcking bad

The drop rate for the specific loot on mayhem 4 is a joke. I played this raid literally 10 or more hours and didn`t get one god damn Craders E-MP 5. Wtf is wrong with you gearbox?


At least you can do it :man_shrugging:


I havent even attempted it yet. My Fl4k needs a few more annointed pieces before I can reliably do anything other than Graveward or Gigamind on M4. I can barely get through M3 Solo Slaughter Shaft.

They do need to make the rewards better based on how challenging it is (unless you are using recursion/driver amara).

When one does drop, it will be nonannointed, which at this point in the game makes it purple tier.


So, wait, you played roughly 10 hours and didn’t get one particular item to drop? How many times did you complete the raid for one thing? Honestly though, welcome to looter shooter life…


They are dogshit literally I can run through it on M4 solo it’s actually a joke how fast I can complete it and I have not seen 1 single weapon designated to the Maliwan takedown and that is since release

See, the trick is picking up every destructo spinner, ASMD, and woodblocker you find first. Obviously the intent is to hit a certain benchmark with the bad guns to unlock the next tier of weapons like the lob, the damned, and gunerang. Its basically like gun game from call of duty but if it was designed by satan.


That gun game was literally the best part of COD…

Its true

Shoot the legs! I’m serious! When you destroy the legs of the Kraken and all Kraken like enemies (e.g., Wotan) they drop more loot thus increasing your chances of getting the raid specific items. It’s like each leg is a badass enemy and as you know badass enemies drop higher rarity loot. You don’t have a lot of time though before the legs disintegrate so as SOON as Wotan is dead start shooting its legs.

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I did a farming test not too long ago and the odds of you getting a dedicated loot item to drop does NOT increase with the amount of items that dropped. The only significant difference was your likelyhood of getting an anointed dedicated loot item to drop went up dramatically from Mayhem off to Mayhem 1.

Generally speaking, from bosses your odds of getting a dedicated loot item to drop is at best 8%, and normally less than 3% since most bosses have more than one item in their dedicated drop pool. If you get a dedicated drop your odds of it being anointed are only 25%. These odds remain consistent with the number of attempts you make, NOT the number of items that are dropped, which means this is calculated at the time of kill before the specific amounts or types of loot that will be dropped is calculated.

In fact the consistency of the drop numbers and types of loot that were dropped spanning 100 runs at every mayhem level leads me to believe that the drop rates and drops themselves are not entirely random, there are artificial limiters in place.


When you were doing this test who were you farming?

Specifically for that test it was Graveward, but I’ve been farming dozens of bosses for dozens of times and the results are consistent when it comes to dedicated drops. The numbers do not change with the amount of loot that is dropped, dedicated drops are calculated at the time of the kill, before any of the other loot is generated. The amount of overall loot does not change the rate of dedicated drops.

And luck boosts from Guardian Ranks or Relics do not seem to change dedicated drop rates either.

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Dead on! Dude this is SO accurate it is hilarious.

I’ve struggled through this raid 3 times as Raging Bear Moze(legit, no Chuck’s, no ■■■■■■■■) Mayehm 4 and haven’t seen a single piece of Takedown gear. What makes this comment above so piss-off hilarious is that I HAVE picked up a 2 Woodblockers an ASMD, a Monocle and two Rebel Yells.

What’s equally brain-gratingly laugh or cry annoying is that over the past several days I also ran every Slaughter Circle before running the raid and got the same worthless pile of Rebel Yells, Gunarangs, ASMDs, Woodblockers and Lobs.

So out of 3 Circles of Slaughter and 3 Complete Takedown runs I was rewarded with a non-annointed Cryo Lycians Call out of the Slaughter Shaft and 2 Bear Trooper class mods from the new raid.

The Raging Bear com that I’m wearing was given too me as the one extra that my buddy was nice enough to donate.

I’m not one to complain, I mean, I’m having fun but some sense of progression would be ■■■■■■■ fantastic!

Wear are my +50damsge Shields and Grenades? I haven’t found ■■■■ worth ■■■■ and that ■■■■ gets ■■■■■■■ old.

BUT, now the new Jackpot DLC is dropping gears like candy and I guarantee, give it a weak and after the hooplah, hype and fanfare, the gear will be nerfed here as well. Just like they nerfed the gear in vanilla a few weeks after release. They leave it long enough to gain fanfare, then nerf it to a damn trickle of the same useless items dropping over and over.

Tldr: I’m having a blast with the “Shooter” but I’m about sick of the “Looter”.

Mayhem 4 need better drop-rates AND we need a way to tweak variables on class mods AND a way to add annointments to gear.

Tannismfor class mods and Earl for annointments. Make it cost endgame payout. Do it.


The reason I asked “who” is because if it’s not Wotan then your findings may not be directly applicable because of the following. If each of the legs of Wotan has the same loot pool as Wotan itself then destroying each leg is sorta like killing Wontan 3 more times thus increasing the chances of getting its specific items. Now I don’t actually know if the legs share the loot pool but if they do it’s probably a good idea to destroy them.

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It’s even better when those guns drop anointed with the while airborne anointment, I xant tell you how much I love seeing a monacle with that on it…


Yep. Graphing sets of 100 drops from the same boss has been very enlightening.

Prop hunt. I’ve never cussed at a screen so hard…while chasing a chair, a tree… Dammit a road cone :neutral_face::sob::sob::dizzy_face::angry:

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I couldn’t agree more. For me, the actual shooter mechanics are what make the franchise amazing to the point that no other shooter even compares. The looter aspect however has been in need of improvements IMO. I’m the type who greatly prefers that the balance on the strategy vs chance spectrum leans toward the former. There’s nothing gratifying about “getting lucky” while pure chance is just an exercise in tedium and frustration otherwise.

I burned myself out trying and failing to gather worthwhile terror anointed gear for over a month. I’ve come back for Moxie’s Heist but I’m still not ready to attempt farming again. At least for previous titles I got into the series just in time for the Handsome Collection meaning more actual content to enjoy before resorting to farming.


I’ve been farming this place quite a lot on M4 lately. So many runs. Valkyries and Wotan have a long list of dedicated drops yet after many runs I don’t get any of them. Wtf is up with this? How is the most challenging content in the game so non-rewarding loot wise? Please adjust this because it’s ■■■■■■■ annoying as hell.