Maliwan Takedown Error

My wife and I play together with split-screen. Every time we’ve played the takedown, usually at the Valkyries, the game crashes. This has happened EVERY TIME (7-8 times). Is this a known issue, and is it being addressed? I’m worried the expansion will have the same issue.

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What are you playing it on? I keep getting blue screened on ps4 after the valkyrie with application error message.

Yes. I reported it to gearbox literally at the same point.

Had same problem on ps4 pro had to turn settings to performance and it fixed it.

Sorry I didn’t specify that this was on PS4. Thanks for the responses so far.

I have had multiple crashes not just at the valkyries

I am on PS4 pro and on performance mode and it still happens. I uninstalled the game and reinstalled still happens.