Maliwan Takedown lost loot bug

I’ve had two legendaries that were lost and never showed up in my LLM. The first legendary fell under the Valkyrie arena in the middle I could see the star on the map, and if I edged close to the gap between the elevator and the platform, I could see the gold beam.

The other legendary was visible on the map, as a tiny star, just off the bridge that leads to Wotan. I ran out of time and had to leave the game. But when I went to Sanctuary, all that was in my LLM were blues. Neither legendary showed up. So maybe loot that falls below the map isn’t being scooped up by the LLM.

The LLM only works in cooperation mode. Note that your local setting can be changed if you join a game where the host as the opposite setting, so it’s always a good idea to check before launching a new solo one.

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Yup, I was in cooperative mode, the blues showed up just fine. I had picked up all the purples and legendaries that were accessible. But there were two legendaries that were “outside of the map”, inaccessible to players. I could see the gold stars on the mini-map.

This has happened before, but I was able to recover the loot from the LLM. Once at Gigamind, he died on top of the building, leaving two legendaries up there. A few more times mobs died over cliffs or chasms, dropping loot that I couldn’t get to. But these always showed up at the LLM.

However the two items that dropped on the Maliwan blacksite didn’t make it to my LLM. So either something about that map is bugged, or something with how the LLM works is bugged/imperfect.

As I was leveling up during that time, it might be possible that the legendaries dropped at a lower level than the blues. But if that’s the case, then how the LLM prioritizes loots needs a serious rework. I should not be getting cosmetic items that I already have in place of legendaries, even if they are a couple of levels below me.

Either way, it’s either a problem or a symptom of a larger problem, namely how the LLM prioritizes loot.