Maliwan Takedown Matchmaking gone (Ps4)

Why after the last update, the matchmaking option for maliwan takedown is gone?

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Same for me on my ps4 pro.

This is a bad thing, because I (and a lot of other people) play almost only with random people through matchmaking.

man, I really need to get Ps Plus again.

You have to have Plus now,… (it is dumb)

My guess would be because there are now two modes - Scaling Takedown and True Takedown. You may want to use the relevant sections here to find potential partners for your preferred Takedown raids:

I know about the 2 modes of takedown… But totally remove the matchmaking option, is a bad decision.
They have to put 2 options in matchmaking menu, the normal one and the true one. I don’t think it’s a difficult thing to do.

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It may or may not be difficult, but whether it’s feasible to split the queue depends on the number of players. Not sure if the missing queue is an oversight, a monitor player numbers, or a new version wasn’t ready in time for the update to go out for certification.

This is right. However I hope for an overall better matchmaking system in the future of the game

It wasn’t gone for me on PS4? I played a number of match-made takedowns after the last update. Stopped last two days to finish the hearts. Was in M4, both NVHM & TVHM.

Try to look if you have the option in social menu. (I have only: campaign, slaughters and grounds)

I have the option on 2 separate ps4s