Maliwan takedown matchmaking not working

Since the heartbreak event patch, the maliwan takedown matchmaking disappeared from the options…

Hey – this is something our Support Teams have been seeing scattered reports of recently. Our first question would be if you’re sure that all current Hotfixes have been applied? You should only need to wait on the Main Menu until the “Hotfixes Applied” sign appears.

If you notice that you’re still having this issue after confirming all Hotfixes are applied our next recommendation would be to try reaching out to our partners at 2K Support. Agents there should be able to provide further Troubleshooting and the Support Portal allows us to make sure all interactions are Official & completely above board.

I changed the game language to english and it worked.

I have the same Problem on my PS4. If my System Language is German, there is no Matchmaking Option for the Takedown.
When i set my System Language to English, it will be there and works normally.