Maliwan Takedown | Mayhem 4 | Solo

My first attempt at soloing the new raid. The Cutsman began getting bugged with the projectiles halfway through (thus lots of damage)

Build Here


u ever have issues with cutsman lagging the game? i cant beat this dlc cuz my game crashes on wutan from the custman lagging. every time

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have not had a crash yet but I stopped using it as I don’t like using bugs in my advantage… I enjoy the challenge

what bug?

nice run! I’m interested in your setup and gear…did you show your skill point build and gear any where during the video?

@kevinbriana The bug is the projectiles on cutsman while terrified, it spawns out more and more when u swap weapons and it becomes permenant until you restart. You can get so many to proc that eventually you could crash the game or kill your fps

@CommonDefence I didn’t show the gear is it was a blind run. you can check out my latest uploads for the gear I used

I’m using Zane on Mayhem 4 in Maliwan Takedown. I’m not getting any drops from badasses or wave bosses. Cutsman and Maggie hardly do any damage at all.