Maliwan takedown More check points

i know this is supposed to be challenging cusi ts a raid and all and i can get a team no problem and get to the boss area but been having difficulty with all the ads and all the things that shock you and take your shidle down i would be fine with doing it again if i didn’t have to start from the beginning every time it just makes people leave after failing multiple times and start all over again i would like if Gearbox coald add a checkpoint for the boss encounters so you don’t have to start all over again and again Destiny 2 has this with checkpoints for the boss encounters so why cant Gearbox do this it would make things a little less frustrating when trying to do this raid and give people a better chance to complete this Raid


I actually agree with this. I’m down for ultra mega difficulty raids…but give us a few more checkpoints if that’s the case.

Like the Takedown could use a 3rd checkpoint imo right before Wotan but only for M4, where Wotan is scary hard. Not that getting to Wotan on M4 is hard…but getting wiped and having to do half the raid again just to get to him is…not fun.


I’m outa wind just reading your post. I agree though.