Maliwan Takedown (my problems with it)

Whenever I play FL4K against Wotan, my main worry is the striker death spheres. Almost 100% of the time fighting Wotan I get killed by strikers more than Wotan himself. striker missiles can track down FL4K while in fade away and leaves me one shot to anything from a single barrage. If gearbox is looking to make the raid easier I’d say tone down the damage of striker missiles and make them unable to track FL4K while in fade away.

Last night i logged in thinking they had fixed it. It was hard, but i was doing ok, Made it 2/3 of the way through 3 times before dying. Then i realized it hasn’t been fixed yet and is still scaled for 4 players. So good news, my Zane was doing well, bad news, it is still scale for 4 players.

The scaling should come in to effect on Thursday iirc - presumably via hotfix?

I was doing ok too its just when ever i fight wotan I am constantly worried about the presence of strikers especially in fade away. scaling isn’t my problem it’s just strikers.

Huh! I thought it was supposed to be in place now. Thanks for mentioning it.

Updates and new hotfixes usually roll out on during the day on Thursdays.

They are doing the scaling BUT didn’t they already decrease the deathspheres HP and increase their movement?

Deathspheres in general are not my problem, the problem is the one type out of all of them, which is the striker deathsphere as they deal a ton of damage and track fl4k in fade away.

When the scaling changes, there should be fewer of each ad type spawning in. When I run the takedown as Fl4k, I watch the globes on the top half of Wotan to go green, signaling that he’s about to spawn ads. I go Brainstormer crazy on him, blowing up the spheres as they spawn.

I also watch my mini map quite a bit, and make sure to single out strikers that I don’t catch as they spawn in.

After Wotan splits, I always kill the better half first, as Fl4k (I kill the bottom half first as Zane and Amara). Same thing there. Main gun between ads, Brainstormer when the globes go green.

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