Maliwan Takedown Myth Buster Zane

Hello dear reader! :grin:

This game play video is not a showcase of the über bestest awesomeest boss killingest bestest mobbing speed running KING OF ALL BUILDS video. It’s a tongue-in-cheek debunking of myths presented as a conversation about TVHM/M4/TMT.

The following are the myths debunked in the video.

  • M4 is too hard
  • Maliwan Takedown (MT) is IMPOSSIBURUU! :grin:
  • You need anointed god roll meta gear in EVERY slot to beat MT

Now I talk a lot of smack in my videos but despite that I’m genuinely interested in helping those who are willing to make the effort master the hardest content currently in the game. So here is some honest advice for those interested.

If you are struggling to beat MT, even at 1P scaling then I suggest you watch the video with your eye on the mini map (i.e., learn where the enemies spawn) and by paying attention to when I’m NOT fighting. Knowing when to run away and where to run away to is an essential part of completing the MT when you are NOT running a face roll build. And if you are struggling then chances are you are not running a face roll build.

Thanks for watching and GLHF!