Maliwan takedown quest not completing

Does anyone else experience the glitch where the quest won’t complete when wotan dies? Me and my partner have killed him several times now, and at least half of those, it never completes. This sucks worst when one of us dies at the end and can’t come look at the loot.

Also, is it a PlayStation thing that no one drops they dedicated loot, specifically the Valks drop almost only purple for me almost every time :open_mouth:

It’s more than common, sadly. No matter what lvl, sometimes Wotan Better Half will glitch after kill.

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This does happen (usually) when wotan’s better half glitches and insta-dies.
For some reason its… idk, center of mass? remains around (you can actually see it as a translucent orb in the sky) and the TD never completes because you haven’t killed the better half but only the lower one.

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This exactly happened to me this morning. When I looked at the mini map, there was a small red dot, meaning the better half was under the map. But first there was like an orb thingy floating above that spot.


Yep, happens all the time. I am on Xbone and I would say 50% of the time or more, I do not get completion of the mission. I am fine with it because then I can kill myself, go back to the halfway point, and farm him again! LOL

The other thing that happens pretty often - not sure why exactly - is that the Better Half just gets wrecked and falls down out of the sky. I think maybe if you deal a bunch of damage quickly or something? Sometimes it literally just falls over halfway through its health bar. I look over and just notice, there it is lying on the ground, and I didn’t recall wearing the health bar all the way down.

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yup, that is the one.

As @tysonyar said, it always happens to me whenever I am dealing too much damage, too quickly, to the better half. Playing with moze, this usually is the consequence of when too much splash damage is applied.
Sometimes it can’t handle it (despite not being deadly damage) resulting in wotan yeeting itself under the map and screwing the run.

Could be the too much damage thing like you said.

But thing is: I mostly have run that place with my Amara’s. My normal elemental Amara (my main), and with the stupid broken recursion-run fast as hell and probably miss most my shots-build, my second Amara.
Both do tons of dmg, and I never had it happen before on both.

Now I’m really into Zane lately, and have started running that place since last weekend. And Bam it happened a couple of times where it doesnt complete. My Zane must be OP as F lol (spoiler, he ain’t, mostly doing M3 and still struggling. M4 was a pain with him).

GB has become a joke… I even stopped playing this game because I am too tired of dealing with hardcrashes

It´s sad and funny at the same… expecially considering that Sony hired these guys to do Godfall for them :crazy_face:

Aren’t they just the publisher? Counterplay is the developer I think.


Yeah the better half glitches and falls down weird when you hit it hard, happens to me constantly with ION build. You can still kill it if you are quick and get to it before it sinks below the map.

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ok I misunderstood

In the image below, you can see a funny red arm from Wotan’s Better half(Directly under the left sphere). That gun is a hitbox for the better half, shooting it should complete the Takedown for you. The actual better half shell isn’t always active as a hitbox. Although sometimes the gun will end up in the better half and you just need to trial and error where it is.


Sorry for the bad quality I pulled the image from old footage.


Thanks for the info. I’ll try that out next time if I’m there.