Maliwan Takedown reset?

I’ve done the takedown many times, albeit back when the level cap was 50.

Just went there (Midnight’s Cairn) today and it came up like it was a new mission I’d never done before and it’s also now showing as a side-quest in the log, just as if I’d never done it.

Is this right? Howcome it’s “reset” like this?

Did you reset a play through? Do a TVHM run perhaps?
It resets if you do this.

Nope, no resets and never even started TVHM as I don’t see the point (covered previously elsewhere)

Chances are it’s a side effect of the change they made where there is now an option to select True Takedown Mode scaled for 4 players regardless of party size, or play a version that’s always scaled to party size.

IIRC the control for that is by the door that lets you out to the ratch area.

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No it can’t be that as I’d already played through it multiple times since that change (in both modes).

It’s really odd.

The takedown has shown up as an ‘in progress’ mission to moment you enter the map and go through the fence at the spawn point… this has been from the start.

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It always runs as a quest now for me. It has since 57 mayhem 4. Its like automatic. If u complete it and restatt it restarts the second u press the door button.

They should send us a dedicated drop at our mayhem.lvl each time we beat it in the mail

Agree… That is a great idea.The more kills the better the reward maybe?

Thats a great idea… For mayhem period! Turn off them looot modifiers. Theyre probably broken. U gain luck as you kill stuff is a superb idea.