Maliwan Takedown Still Not Dropping Loot

Xbox, M10, Cartels, Splitscreen
I think that’s all of the relevant data info:

Tried another Takedown, since a few streamers kept talking about how it was fixed. That’s a lie. Or at least on Xbox. 3 runs, zero dedicated drops.

Did GBX actually test this so called fix on all platforms or just the favored PC, and call it good? I can’t wait for the next broken takedown to completely destroy my console and any remaining love I have for this franchise.

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I have run about 20 and have only had a few runs with no or one Raid specific drop. I have had several runs with multiple specific drops… 4 Kybs on one single run and (my jaw dropped on this run…) 5 Redistributors on a single run, a bunch with a mix of Tiggs/Kybs/Redis. Also mixed in with most runs are the not-so-specific drops, ie- class mods, Tankmans, Vosks, etc. This is on XBone, M10, Cartels, no split screen, NVHM and TVHM (no noticeable difference).

Have you tried unplugging the XBone, seems an archaic way to clear the cache but…

Edit---- my own experience is that it is much improved.


I did some takedown runs (about 5each) to compare normal and thvm mode, without cartel event (just takes too long) and on 1 player difficulty. On thvm I got only 1 run with a dedicated from wotan, on normal mode he dropped me every single run at least 1 redistributor 1 kybs worth 1 Riggs boom.
I know 10 runs are not enough to say it’s bugged, could also be RNG. But I’m doing the maliwan only on normal mode now, as long there is no benefit in doing it on thvm.

It’s not just console it’s still bad on PC as well. Terrible performance and next to no loot. Not even throwaway M0 stuff. Drop rates are horrendous for pretty much anything for me lately.

Make sure you have hotfixes applied, and check the hotfix date in the ‘news’ window on the bottom left of the main menu screen. It should now be for 5/28.

I did a full shutdown of the Xbox on Wednesday, in anticipation of the hotfix on Thursday. Past experience has shown me that I need to clear the cache/restart before and often after, applying the hotfixes. I don’t know why, but it’s like how I can’t join a friend without being in my own game and joining their game in progress.

I’ll try unplugging it for a bit, just to make sure. I did notice some exceptional lag when using a Recursion the past couple of days. More than the usual stuttering/lag, especially since I started refreshing the cache every week.