Maliwan takedown - unkillable Specops Triage Commando

I was playing online with a friend last night and we ran across an unkillable ‘SpecOps Triage Commando’ in the first area. His shield and health were both at zero, but he refused to die.

I’m having the same experience right now as I play solo.

Anyone else had this experience?

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Yep! Lol. Four times so far. Once in slaughter star.

Do you know if there’s a way to finish them off?

In Maliwan Takedown, I can just move on without killing him. In Slaughter Star, I would image you’re stuck.

Use a quasar or a shotgun to knock them off a ledge.

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Yeah, that’s an occasional bug. Didn’t have it happen to myself because I don’t do the Takedown all that much but I’ve seen it happen to streamers. You can try to get them off the map but if you don’t have the means to do that you’ll just have to restart that run.