Maliwan takedown-- what am I doing wrong

What am I doing wrong? No matter what level even no mayhem… it is impassible on solo mode… like it does not seem like it is scaled back at all. I have been playing it since it was released and even after hot fix does not seem like it is scaled back… am I missing something?


It’s still very difficult. You’ll need to dial in your gear and spec to survive. Keep trying and failing. It’s the only way to learn.

And get a Brainstormer.

Yeah, it’s still hard AF unless you’re using the One True Build.

Some of my characters got through without too much issue, where some really struggled. Are you having difficulty with the entire thing, or just Wotan? I’ve always been able to get to Wotan without issue (in fact, that’s pretty fun), but it took a while to figure out how to work around all of Wotan’s different combat mechanics). I’m still traumatized from my last character’s attempts, and am holding off for a while. :sweat_smile:


i have the brainstormer, 3 actually, using several different specs from people that have completed it and it doesn’t make a difference…

What platform?

One True Build? Never heard of that. I have tried several builds I have found that work great to get through but Wotan is another story. Nothing is getting through that.

I’m on PS4

There’s no time limit so take it slow. Make everything come to you, unless you’re brainstorming, then you have to charge, fire, retreat.

If you have quasars or hexes use them liberally, they’re great crowd control.

Which toon are you playing?

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You want help? Or you trying to solo? What character are you?

Wotan is way easier than you think, but you’ll have to die at his hand several times before you get his mechanics down.

Fl4k until I can get Amara to 50. I just want the redistributor, had one and gave it away like a dumbarse…

solo, im not even trying to beat it just trying to get a redistributor at this point… i had one gave it to my son and he sold it…

Then you’ll need to beat it!

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should beat my son for selling my redistributor he was suppose to borrow


It’s sort of an inside joke that plays on the notion that some players’ focus on damage output causes them to say that everything that is not part of their build/loadout is a waste of time, useless, whatever, implying that there is a single, best (and only) way to play the game.

If someone tells you that the only way to do it is with their list of god-roll gear and build, you’ve found the Highlander.


Then he should be here asking how to get another one, not you!

i have a heck of a build that allows me to get to the end somewhat quickly but the end i just dont stand a chance… i am dead in a mere few seconds no matter what I do. Just thought I was missing something or the scale down was not working properly or something…

yeah but they things we do for our kids…

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Just level amara to 50. thats what i did. Amara is easy mode everywhere.
Played moze before but moze just needs godrolled gear to work in mayhem 4 and works only really with one annointment while its super easy to gear amara.
My amara facerolled through mayhem 4 after just a few hours of farm.

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Once you learn how to get through his current shield or shields it’s a simple task of clearing the adds with the Brainstormer, never standing still, and hitting the openings. You’ll get it.

I posted in another thread that it was 20 tries before I was able finish him and if that’s a lie it because it was probably more.